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Ethan Daley from Euphoria

Ethan Daley (Austin Abrams) is a recurring character in Euphoria. He is Kat‘s main love interest. Despite his feelings for her, they are on and off again despite never really being in a committed relationship. Ethan also portrays Nate in Lexi’s play, performing a musical number to “Holding Out For a Hero.” All you’d need for that look is a pair of gold pants and white sneakers!

Frank from Don’t Worry Darling

Frank is a character in the thriller/drama film Don’t Worry Darling, and is played by Chris Pine. The story follows Alice, a housewife who lives with Jack in a seemingly perfect community called Victory in the 1950s. Throughout the film, Alice begins to discover dark secrets about her life at Victory and about Frank, who is the founder and leader of the Victory Project and Jack’s boss.

Frank has a very cool and timeless style to each of his costumes. All of them are typically black and white. His suits are simple, but at one sunny gathering by the pool with his community, he wears a more casual outfit that features a simple black and white bowling-style shirt, black sunglasses, straight leg black pants, and always a brown watch.

Alice from Don't Worry Darling

Alice from Don’t Worry Darling

Alice is from the thriller/drama film Don’t Worry Darling, and is played by Florence Pugh. The story follows Alice, a housewife who lives with her partner Jack in the seemingly perfect community called Victory in the 1950s. Throughout the film she begins to discover dark secrets about her life at Victory and the people who live there.

Alice wears a variety of bright dresses and has a looked inspired by icons such as Brigitte Bardot, which you can see in her hairstyles. She often wears a black velvet bow that stands out against her light hair color and her dresses are typically a midi-length, perfect for the 50s and are mostly sleeveless.

Willa Ferreyra from Succession

Willa Ferreyra, played by Justine Lupe-Schomp, is from the series Succession. Willa was a former escort and in the series, becomes the partner of one of the Roy siblings: Connor Roy.

Willa is a quiet character starting out in the show, but gains confidence as she becomes closer with Connor. We can see this not only through her dialogue where she stands up for herself and Connor, it is shown very clearly through her costumes. As she accompanies Connor to events with the family and Waystar Royco, she seems to learn to dress perfectly for the occasion and still stand out with her stylish choices. She wears light and flowy dresses at a garden party and other times she dresses edgy but follows current trends like the black choker, that may not exactly fit into the Roy family style. When Connor runs for president after the two are married, her fashion transitions into classic pieces and even 1960s inspired, showing that she wants to dress and feel like her idea of a first lady. Willa has possibly the greatest growth in her wardrobe in the series and is one of the few characters who really remain true to themselves, and that’s why we love her!

Candy from Love and Death

Candy Montgomery is from the crime drama TV series Love and Death, and is played by Elizabeth Olsen, based on a true story. Candy is the main character who is an active member in her church and a mother that gets herself into deep trouble when getting involved with another member of the church, Allan Gore.

This story takes place in 1980 Texas. Fitting Candy’s personality, she wears modest clothing that is slightly dated but still wears some pieces that are more trendy or risky in her community. She wears lots of muted tones that are reminiscent of the 70s and some pops of bright colors like red. You’ll usually see her in lots of denim, with stylish flare jeans and casual striped tops.

Greg Hirsch from Succession

Greg Hirsch, played by Nicholas Braun, is from the series Succession. Greg is the cousin of the Roy siblings and works his way up in the huge family company that is Waystar Royco. He has the most endearing personality in the show because of his nervousness and least corrupt behavior in the family. Tom Wambsgans becomes his mentor and friend that is a joy to watch in the show, and a hilarious duo.

Greg’s style changes throughout the season as he makes his way up the company. He started at the very bottom- fired from a theme park where he would dress pretty sloppy but as he gains wealth and finds a place at Waystar, his haircuts become cleaner and he begins wearing sharp suits. There are in-between stages where layering is used where you can really see this transition and growth with a combination of some old pieces that he is still holding onto, and new pieces as he begins to get paid more and more.

Dr. Phillips from Watchmen

Mr. Phillips is a character in HBO’s Watchmen, or more specifically, a race of identical male clones created by Doctor Manhattan. Paired with the identical female clones of Ms. Crookshanks, they represent the Adam and Eve of Doctor Manhattan’s new world. The sole motive of the clones is to help others. Later on, they turn to serve Adrian Veidt. Mr. Phillips has multiple outfits with Ms. Crookshanks. This guide shows his medical wear.

perry from the last of us

Perry from The Last of Us (HBO)

Perry (played by Jeffrey Pierce who portrayed Tommy in the original video game) is a character from HBO’s The Last of Us.  He is Kathleen‘s second in command in the uprising against Fedra in Kansas City.  Perry has long grey hair and a well-kept beard, and dresses in paramilitary garb, making him a perfectly suited lieutenant as Kathleen searches for Henry.  Recreating Perry’s look will require you to stock up on your tactical supplies.  Perry wears black pants and a well-worn green shirt, over which he dons a black tactical vest and belt.  He also wears heavy-duty boots and black gloves.

henry from the last of us

Henry from The Last of Us (HBO)

Henry (played by Lamar Johnson) is the older brother of Sam in HBO’s video game adaptation The Last of Us.  Henry informed on Kathleen‘s brother, the leader of the resistance, to Fedra in exchange for medicine for Sam.  When the brothers stumble on Joel and Ellie, the four make their way out of Kansas City together.  They don’t get far, though, before tragedy strikes.  Henry’s most distinctive piece of clothing is his red coat, which he wears over another darker-colored puffer jacket.  He also carries a brown rucksack with a clip-on flashlight and a silver pistol.

riley from the last of us

Riley from The Last of Us (HBO)

Riley (played by Storm Reid) is the roommate and love interest of Ellie on HBO’s series The Last of Us.  Riley is a former classmate of Ellie’s who escaped the Fedra school where they lived together and joined the Fireflies to help liberate the Boston QZ.  Riley lives in an abandoned mall where she’s been stationed by Marlene and sneaks Ellie out of her dorm to see it before she leaves the city.  Riley wears her long blonde braids in a ponytail, with a green headband.  The rest of her attire includes a t-shirt, a navy twill button-down, a hoodie, and jeans.  She also dons sturdy boots and a burgundy backpack.

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