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Hayden Park from 100 Days in Europe

In the webcomic 100 Days in Europe, arrogant and self-centered Hayden Park is a New York-based celebrity on a trip through Europe to find himself after a traumatic breakup. He barely manages to avoid the paparazzi, but he can’t seem to avoid humble artist and backpacker, Gia Sunoo. Will her humility and appreciation for the little things rub off on him, or will he continue to stay aloof from all things “ugly”?

Gia Sunoo from 100 Days in Europe

Gia Sunoo is a Korean-American backpacker bent on spending 100 days on a tour of Europe. She sketches in her ample spare time, traveling by train between countries, and collects small rocks as souvenirs from every place she visits. Her idyllic plans get interrupted over and over again by encounters with snobby Hayden Park. In this modern-day¬†Pride and Prejudice, Gia’s humility and humble background both fascinate and confuse the traveling celebrity, and opening Hayden’s eyes to the harsh reality of normal, “ugly” living is a challenge Gia finds herself embracing.

While visiting Italy, Gia attempts to get a haircut not unlike Audrey Hepburn’s in Roman Holiday; what she winds up with instead is a cute, curly bob that can be reigned in with just a bit of styling.

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