Katherine Parkinson

Kitty Riley

An investigative journalist looking for her first big break on the BBC drama Sherlock, Kitty Riley (Katherine Parkinson) tries to interview Sherlock Holmes in a bathroom with fantastically terrible results. Her adorable red pigtails, mock Sherlock hat and perky personality did little to melt the frigid detective. Undeterred, she reaches out to his nemesis James Moriarty, who uses her in a spectacular set-up for Sherlock that almost ruins him. To play the part of an adoring fan in hopes to win over Sherlock, Kitty dresses in his signature hat with an eclectic suit.

Jen Barber

After wheedling her way into an IT supervisor position with zero experience, Jen Barber (Katherine Parkinson) finds herself in charge of two antisocial, socially awkward, adorably inept geeks, Maurice Moss and Roy Trenneman, on the British sitcom The IT Crowd. Jen handles her new underlings as best she can, even when that means dealing with a goth vampire, a deviant of a boss and various terrible love interests. A trendy, fashionable woman, Jen wears traditional office wear with modern, edgy twists.

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