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Neji Hyuga

Neji Hyuga believes himself to be a rare prodigy and exceptional ninja among the young ninjas-in-training on the anime series Naruto. Unfortunately, he was born into a branch of the clan that must serve the main house, and so feels shafted by fate. Because of this he acts out against the main house clan members and views those with less or different talents as ‘weaker’ than himself. In Part 1 of the series he wears a bland beige and grey outfit with long brown hair and his clan’s pale white eyes. For the top, crop the sleeves of a zip-up hoodie and buy patches of similar color to sew on overtop.

Saya Otonashi

In the anime series Blood+, Saya Otonashi is one of two twin queens of the vampire-like Chiropteran race. She, unlike her sister Diva, was raised to be human and exhibits compassion, empathy and kindness. After accidentally releasing the bloodthirsty Diva into the world and loosing her own memories, Saya lives as a regular human for a year before an event triggers her natural Chiropteran abilities. As she slowly regains her memories, she vows to end the threat of Diva and the entire Chiropteran race once and for all. This guide covers her earlier schoolgirl outfit, complete with katana and red eyes.


In Blood+, Diva, named by her older sister for her beautiful voice, is one of two Queens of the Chiropteran vampire race. While her sister Saya was brought up in luxury, Diva lived locked in a tower alone with rags for clothing. She developed a cruel, vicious personality and a deep thirst for blood. When Saya accidentally released her from the tower, Diva showed zero compassion for humans, delighting in drinking their blood. She and her sister then begin an epic feud that lasts hundreds of years. Diva is differentiated from her twin sister by her blue eyes, long hair and simple white gowns. For the blue trimming, sew some thin blue ribbon onto the white dress.

Kabuto Yakushi

As the right-hand man of series villain Orochimaru, Kabuto Yakushi acts as a spy in the anime TV series Naruto. He spent his life training and then serving as a spy for multiple organizations, eventually attracting the attention of Orochimaru. He excels at collecting information and exhibits strong medicinal talents. Eventually he has an existential crisis about his identity and place in the world, leading him down a much different path. His Part 1 outfit requires a little bit of altering: buy a large dark grey turtleneck a few sizes too big and crop off the sleeves. If you can’t find cropped dark grey pants, crop a regular pair.

Jet Black

A former member of the Inter Solar System Police (ISSP), Jet Black is the captain of the converted interstellar fishing trawler Bebop on the anime TV series Cowboy Bebop. He commands a crew of bounty hunters, acting as pilot, father-figure, the muscle and motivator. He is a big, burly man with a warm heart and a protective nature, especially towards his ramshackle crew. As a gifted mechanic he wears coveralls with ripped sleeves and sports a bionic arm and distinctive facial hair. For the boots, cut off the bottom of some high grey socks and slip them over grey boots. For the beard, cut up the mustache portion and use it to make the sharp cheek edges.


Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke Uchiha is the silent, brooding, angst-ridden member of ninja Team 7 in the anime TV series Naruto. One of the last members of his clan and the brother of the man who killed the rest, he dedicates his life to exterminating his brother. His fanatical obsession with achieving that goal leads him to abandon Team 7 and his ninja training, eventually becoming an international criminal. This guide covers his outfit in Part 1, well before he attains international infamy. It is a simple outfit of a blue high-collared shirt and white pants. For the shirt, order it a size or two up, trim the sleeves and pop the collar. Also trim the arm warmers and stitch on the blue details.


Ed is an eccentric, wacky 13-year-old computer and hacking genius aboard the titular interplanetary vessel Bebop on the anime TV series Cowboy Bebop. A bit androgynous and very unusual in personality, Ed never wears shoes, uses her feet like hands, rarely walks anywhere (choosing to roll, hitch a ride on someone’s back or crawl), has zero attention span and carries her computer on her head. Cheerful and animated, she acts as the comic relief during the show’s darker moments. She wears a simple outfit of spandex and tee shirt with her VR goggles and football-shaped hair.

Shikamaru Nara

The laziest of the bunch and least inclined to fight, Shikamaru Nara is a ninja-in-training and member of Team 10 on the anime series Naruto. A brilliant, strategic mind allows him to sleep during class, avoid all work, exert minimal effort and still succeed in all his tasks and win physical battles. This guide cover his Part 1 genin outfit at the very beginning of his training. The tricky part is his jacket – buy a large grey bolero shrug (yes, the men too), crop the sleeves and add the green trim/details. If you can’t find short pants, crop a regular-length pair.

Myrtle Snow

Myrtle Snow

Myrtle Snow (Frances Conroy) of the TV show American Horror Story: Coven is a haute-couture-loving, eccentric, odd witch with a mass of frizzy red hair and an omnipresent pair of vintage cat eye glasses. She attended Miss Robichaux’s Academy with the former coven Supreme, Fiona Goode, and attempted to prevent Fiona from becoming the Supreme but failed. Myrtle then took Fiona’s daughter Cordelia under her wing, raising Cordelia as her own while she herself became the head of the Witches’ Council. She is at constant odds with Fiona, never disappoints in her wild clothing choices and puts the welfare of the Academy above all else.

Auric Goldfinger

The villain and title character in the James Bond film Goldfinger, Auric Goldfinger (Gert Frobe) is a ridiculously wealthy gold trader that MI-6 suspects of illegal gold smuggling. While observing his movements, Bond discovers that Goldfinger has a much grander scheme in mind dubbed “Operation Grand Slam” that involves robbing Fort Knox. An overweight, graying, aging man with a receding hairline, Goldfinger looks the part of a rich, privileged man who enjoys toying with, killing and manipulating people.