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Quatre Raberba Winner

Sweet, gentle, musical and peaceful, Quatre Raberba Winner does not at first fit in with the rest of the pilots on the anime TV show Gundam Wing. Although he dislikes violence, he nevertheless pilots gundam Sandrock and displays incredible endurance from his childhood in the desert. The series enigmatically hints that he may be “the heart of outer space” due to his empathetic abilities. He wears a colorful ensemble of a light pink shirt and dark purple vest and distinctive bugeye goggles.

Sheriff Walt Longmire

The protagonist and unflappable sheriff of Absaroka county in the Netflix TV series Longmire, Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) patrols his Wyoming territory with grit and determination. A weathered man with a core set of principles, he handles the twin difficulties of his caseload and the politics of working with the Cheyenne Reservation while also relentlessly searching for the killer of his wife. He dresses for the dry, dusty plains of Wyoming in a uniformly jean outfit and his signature hat.


A favorite henchman among James Bond fans, Jaws (Richard Kiel) is a brute of a man, tall and strong, with signature metal teeth that can cut through steel. He appears in two films: The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker, working for different villains in each one. In The Spy who Loved Me he never sided with Bond, but in Moonraker he meets a girl named Dolly and decides to join forces with Bond against his employer. While Jaws usually appears in a suit, go for his more distinctive look of shirt and suspenders to really make an impression.

The Darkness (Amara)

In season 10 of the TV show Supernatural, the boys unleash the Darkness: the origin of the universe and, if she has her way, the end of it. The Darkness manifests as a beautiful, sensual woman named Amara (Emily Swallow), who claims to be the sister of God. She intends to consume the universe, returning it to the original blissful state in which it began. She dresses in a revealing long black dress and sports the distinctive Mark of Cain on her shoulder.

Charlie Bradbury

She’s cute, spunky, brilliant and 100% nerd. A fan favorite on the TV series Supernatural, Charlie Bradbury (Felicia Day) starts out as an IT professional with a serious history of hacking and grows into a full-fledged hunter traveling to the Kingdom of Oz and beyond. Adopted by and Dean as a kind of sister, she helps them out on their most important cases. She dresses in colorful graphic tees, plaid shirts, brown boots and her signature red hair.

Rowena MacLeod

Mother of Crowley, Demon King of Hell, and a 300 year old powerful witch, Rowena MacLeod (Ruth Connell) leaves a physical impression on the TV show Supernatural. She’s a sharp-tongued, conniving, manipulative, dramatic, beautiful woman hell bent on destroying her son and gaining power for herself. To capture her look, go for bright red hair, a skin-tight floor-length gown and practice your cunning smile.

Jacob Nighthorse

Originally a nemesis of sheriff Walt Longmire on the TV series Longmire, Jacob Nighthorse (A Martinez) eventually begins to work with the sheriff to restore order to Absaroka County. Nighthorse is a member of the Cheyenne reservation and the wealthy owner of the Four Arrows Casino along with many other urban projects. Although of dubious character with shady dealings, he often shows a strong ethical streak, particularly when it comes to his people. While at the casino and in his office he always dresses in a fancy suit with colorful shirts and his ever-present goatee.

Scathach from American Horror Story: Roanoke

Scathach (Lady Gaga) is an immortal Druid witch with immense powers and a tragic past haunting her homeland of Roanoke on the TV show American Horror Story: Roanoke. She is the origin of The Butcher’s power and craves blood, chaos and death. She also craves the company of a man, and falls in love with Matt Miller when he moves into the haunted Roanoke house. She wears Druidic clothing with a skull crown and sacrificial blade at her waist.

Shelby Miller from American Horror Story: Roanoke

A survivor of the infamous Butcher, Shelby Miller (Lily Rabe) is the main subject of a TV reenactment of her and her husband’s terrifying story on the latest installment of American Horror Story: Roanoke. The ensuing publicity and fallout from the documentary cause the breakdown of her marriage, and in hopes of rekindling it she agrees to a second TV special back at the haunted house. Unfortunately, The Butcher and her minions await their arrival. Shelby is a bit of a hippie and very laid back, dressing in loose tops and sweaters with tight jeans and monogrammed necklaces of S and M for Shelby and Matt.

Audrey Tindall from American Horror Story: Roanoke

Audrey Tindall (Sarah Paulson) is a high-maintenance actress and newlywed on the latest chapter of American Horror Story: Roanoke. In the series Audrey plays Shelby Miller in a TV reenactment of the harrowing days the Millers spent at a haunted old farmhouse in Roanoke. Audrey does not believe that the events actually took place. Unfortunately for Audrey, she agrees to a TV special in which they all gather back at the house, only to discover that the documentary events were very, very real. This is a guide for her first outfit onscreen as Audrey.

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