Katsuyuki Konishi

Blood Dupre from Heart no Kuni no Alice

Blood (voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi) is the Mad Hatter character in the Heart no Kuni no Alice/Alice in the Country of Hearts dating game series/movie.

He is the leader of the Mafia in Wonderland, and has an extensive knowledge of Wonderland as a whole. He’s also the younger brother of Vivaldi, that world’s Queen of Hearts character.

Blood has shaggy black hair and varied blue/green eyes depending on the artist. He wears a character-indicative black top hat with the 10/6 card stuck in it, decorated with red roses. His outfit consists of a white buttoned undershirt, a set of matching under-vest and outer jacket in white with gold detailing and cuffs, and formal white gloves. The jacket has a red inner lining and multicolored card suit buttons on one side. He wears black pants, and a weird set of tall white, gold-trimmed, boot looking things on his legs, that lead down into black shoes, with a red buckle strap, gold buckle, and yellow soles.

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