kevin bacon

Sebastian Shaw

Sebastian Shaw has been one of the X-Men’s biggest foes since his introduction to the franchise in January of 1980. He is a mutant capable of absorbing many different kinds of energy. But his status as a mutant hardly puts him on the same side as Wolverine, Charles Xavier, and the others. As a member of the Hellfire club he is determined to take over the world, even going to far as to fund the Sentinel program so that it will hunt down mutants that defy him. And while Kevin Bacon put his own spin on the character in the most recent run of X-Men movies, the Earth-616 comic book version is by far the most iconic.

Shaw often goes by the moniker of Black King and his costume is fittingly grandiose. He wears a coat with tails and a waist coat with an ascot. The colors vary from costume to costume but the elements stay the same. Shaw also wears knee breeches, tall socks, and shoes with buckles on them. A more modern twist is a tailored suit with an ascot but the comic version usually maintains this mid-century look.

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