Kōsuke Toriumi

Gilbert Nightray from Pandora Hearts

Gilbert Nightray (voiced by Kōsuke Toriumi) is part of the main trio in the anime/manga Pandora Hearts, and Oz‘s closest childhood friend.

Gil is one of the characters that goes on through life at a usual timeline pace while Oz got trapped in the Abyss, and by that happening, he ends up going by the name ‘Raven’ for a short while, as a way to hide his true identity from his best friend and former master. The name came from the Raven chain he’s contracted with, and he has the ability to seal the B-Rabbit powers that Oz can use, to lessen the strain on his body.

He has fluffy black hair, and vibrant gold eyes. His usual outfit matches his hair, with a hat, long and elaborately decorated coat, pants, and boots, all in black. The coat details are a silvery color, and the undershirt and cravat tie he wears are white.

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