Carissa from LoliRock

In LoliRock, Princess Carissa of Calix is a brave young girl full of spirit and heroism. Her motif is a sparkling star and her transformation item is a purple gem armband. Carissa is most skilled in hand-to-hand combat, though she’s also capable of casting spells and using a pair of purple clubs that can merge into a war hammer.

Iris from LoliRock

Iris is the main character of the French cartoon, LoliRock. She is the Princess of Ephedia, who fights for justice and peace. She possesses magical crystal powers that are activated by casting spells. Her friends are Talia and Auriana. This costume guide features her regular look. In her princess form, she has pink hair, and in her evil form, she has purple hair. Use the purple ribbon to decorate the ruffles at the bottom of the dress.

Praxina from LoliRock

Praxia is an antagonist in the French cartoon, LoliRock. She is the twin sister of Mephisto. Together, they serve Gramorr, the grand wizard of Chaos and main villain of the show. Her enemies are the princesses. Her outfit is quite complicated, and if you’re seeking an exact match, it would be best to get this commissioned. Therefore, this costume guide focuses on basic pieces that can be combined to emulate her style.

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