Missi Pyle

Scarlett Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Scarlett Beauregarde is a character from the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Tim Burton, and is played by Missi Pyle. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is the 2005 version of the story that follows Charlie, a young boy that wins a tour of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Scarlett is the mother of Violet who also goes on the tour.

Scarlett’s look is always nearly identical to her daughter’s and they always match outfits. One of these is a bright pink track suit that she pairs with a pink blouse.

Mary Jane from Disjointed

Mary Jane (played by Missi Pyle) is the spiritual embodiment of marijuana. She appears to Pete in a time of need and gets … attached. Very attached. Clingy, even. But hey, what’s a possibly imaginary relationship with a divine being representing the plant you’ve spent your life growing to a professional like Pete?!

Mary Jane is a bit of a spin on ancient Greek gods. So the basis of her costume is a flowing green dress that attaches at the wrists as well. The attachments are covered with fake marijuana leaves which also make up her crown. A blonde wig and gold sandals finish off the look!

You will have to make her crown, unfortunately. But thankfully it’s easy to make! Start with a basic fern crown and add on fake pot leaves with a glue gun! I recommend the Chandler as it’s the one I use for all of my cosplay work.

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