murray bartlett

Frank from The Last of Us (HBO)

Frank (played by Murray Bartlett) is a survivor of the fungi outbreak in HBO’s video game adaptation The Last of Us.  Frank is on his way to Boston from Baltimore when he lands in a trap laid by Bill, who is initially reticent to let Frank stay on his property.  Soon enough, though, Bill demonstrates that he’s an excellent chef, and the two bond over their love of Linda Rondstadt.  It’s not long until they fall in love and spend the rest of their lives together in Bill’s fortified neighborhood.  When Frank first appears, he is dirty and disheveled from his travels.  He emerges from the trap wearing a ribbed crewneck sweater.  After a shower, he changes into one of Bill’s plaid shirts.  He continues to wear plaid as he ages, and when the two marry at the piano that first brought them together, Frank wears a black blazer over a white shirt.

Armond from The White Lotus

Armond (played by Murray Bartlett) is the manager of the titular luxury resort on HBO’s The White Lotus Armond is five years sober at the beginning of the series, though having to deal with many of the Lotus’ high-maintenance guests, including Shane Patton and Tanya McQuoid test his resolve.  Armond wears many colorful outfits, often layering blazers over floral-printed shirts that mesh well with the exotic locale, making for a fun and customizable costume.

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