Emily Cooper from Emily in Paris

Emily Cooper (played by Lily Collins) is the protagonist of the Netflix series Emily in Paris.  Initially sent to Paris to oversee a transition at her company, Emily wears an array of eye-popping couture fashion throughout the series.  Some of her most memorable looks include bold colors and unique accessories.  When recreating any of Emily’s looks, it’s important to remember that many of the pieces used on the show are from high-end designers, so it’s okay to find something that’s a close match instead of an exact duplicate.  Focus on colors and silhouettes, like the nude booties shown here which still have the open front feel of the ones Emily wears in the show.  You can also choose to focus on patterns or colors like the two skirts you could decide to pair with her yellow blazer–the tie-dyed skirt has more of that eye-catching color, but the striped skirt maintains the same visual flow as the one from the show because of its lines.

Yoko Tanaka

Yoko Tanaka (Naomi J Ogawa) is a minor character in Netflix’s Wednesday. She is a vampire student at Nevermore Academy, and secretly a member of the Nightshade Society. Yoko and Enid are close friends – the two temporarily become roommates after Enid’s fight with Wednesday. Because of show’s success, you can now purchase your very own uniform!

Alexei from Stranger Things

Alexei (Alec Utgoff) was a recurring character in the third season of Stranger Things. He was a Russian scientist who was helping create technology to access the alternate dimension previously discovered by Hawkins Lab. He was working at a secret base underneath the Starcourt Mall. Hopper and Joyce kidnap him to get answers, and Murray translates for them since he doesn’t speak English. But Alexei drives a high price – no cherry slurpee, no deal.

maudie miller from the inbestigators

Maudie Miller from The InBESTigators

Maudie Miller (played by Anna Cooke) is the protagonist of Netflix’s The InBESTigators.  When Maudie meets Ezra Banks, the two decide to create a detective agency with fellow classmates Ava Andrikides and Kyle Kimson in order to solve mysteries at school and in their neighborhood.  Maudie wears many different outfits throughout the series, but if you want to dress as her, you can’t go wrong with a pinafore dress over a long-sleeved shirt, as she dons similar outfits on several occasions. Such instances include a blue corduroy pinafore she wears over patterned leggings and a striped shirt, paired with brown booties.  To really drive home her P.I. aspirations, you could also add a trench coat.

Tyler Galpin from Wednesday

Tyler Galpin is a character in Netflix’s Wednesday. He is a boy-next-door type “normie.” His father is the sheriff, though their relationship is tense due to his mother’s death. We first meet Tyler at the Weathervane Cafe where he works as a barista. Wednesday helps him fix the espresso machine in exchange for help escaping Nevermore. When she decides to stay and investigate the murders in Jericho, Tyler tries to woo Wednesday by accompanying her to the Rave’N and planning a date night in Crackstone’s crypt.


Ajax in Wednesday

Ajax Petropolus (Georgie Farmer) is a minor character in Netflix’s Wednesday. He is a Gorgon (like Medusa) and attends Nevermore Academy as a student. Shy and awkward, Ajax is anxious to make eye contact with anybody. Enid has a huge crush on him, but he is oblivious to her flirting. Sometimes he hangs out with Xavier or just lingers in the background. Use the fabric paint to make the stripes on the blazer.

Xavier Thorpe from Wednesday

Xavier Thorpe is a character in Netflix’s Wednesday. He attends Nevermore Academy as a student. His abilities include precognition, namely in his dreams, as well as art manipulation, where he can make his artwork real. Reserved yet charming, he starts liking Wednesday, much to the discontent of his ex-girlfriend, Bianca.

Bianca Barclay from Wednesday

Bianca Barclay (Joy Sunday) is a character in Netflix’s Wednesday. She is a Siren who attends Nevermore in the same class as Wednesday. At first, the two do not like each other, which sparks a small rivalry. Bianca thinks Wednesday thinks that she’s better than everyone else. It doesn’t help that Xavier, her ex-boyfriend, has a crush on her. But in the end, Bianca helps Wednesday defeat Crackstone for the safety of the school. Aside from her school uniform, her style is laidback in silver, teal, and blue tones. This guide also includes her Rave’N outfit, with a paillette dress and pearl earrings.

wolf from bullet train

Wolf from Bullet Train

Wolf (played by Bad Bunny) is the doomed groom aboard the Bullet Train.  After his wife and wedding guests are murdered by The Hornet on the day of his nuptials, Wolf tracks the mysterious assassin who kills with snake venom to the train.  When he runs into Ladybug, who spilled wine on him at the wedding, Wolf decides to take a little extra revenge, but it doesn’t turn out quite as he hoped.  Wolf wears a few different outfits throughout the film, incorporating accessories from the people he kills along the way, but his wedding look includes a white embroidered suit, red boutonniere, and wolf bolo tie.  He also wears a square belt buckle that says “Mexico,” but any fancy buckle will do in its stead.

tangerine from bullet train

Tangerine from Bullet Train

Tangerine (played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson) is Lemon‘s brother and partner in the action comedy Bullet Train.  Known as The Twins, Lemon and Tangerine are a deadly duo tasked with retrieving The White Death‘s son from a hostage situation and returning with the silver briefcase filled with ransom money.  Things get out of hand, however, when the case goes missing and The Twins try to hunt down the person responsible to save their own limbs.  Tangerine wears a blue pinstriped three-piece suit and plenty of gold jewelry, including a St. Christopher medal which he bestows on Lemon later in the film.  His vintage Rolex is a bit steep in price, but a vintage-inspired rectangular-faced watch will do the trick.  If you aren’t prepared to grow out a ‘stache of your own, a little spirit gum and the right fake one will do the trick.