Amy Lau from Beef

Amy Lau (played by Ali Wong) is one half of the toxic road ragers at the heart of the Netflix and A24 series Beef.  Amy is a high-strung entrepreneur attempting to broker a deal for her business while also juggling motherhood, a strained relationship with her husband and mother-in-law, and her increasingly volatile interactions with Danny Cho.  Amy changes her hair throughout the series, but is rarely seen without her signature octagon glasses.  Her wardrobe draws on neutral tones and natural fabrics, with a chic but relaxed silhouette.  You can’t go wrong with a comfortably oversized jumpsuit in beige or grey.

Danny Cho from Beef

Danny Cho (played by Steven Yeun) is a down-on-his-luck contractor who enters into an increasingly virulent game of chicken with Amy Lau in the Netflix and A24 series Beef.  Danny lives with his lazy brother and struggles to keep his business afloat in the wake of his parents losing the motel they ran for years.  Danny’s clothing is far less fashionable than Amy’s, favoring comfort even when he’s not at work.  He also often layers a white tee of some kind under his clothes, or wears it alone when at home or exercising.

Thors from Vinland Saga

Thors is a character in the historical anime/manga, Vinland Saga. Known as the Troll of Jom, he was a highly regarded commander of the Viking army, and for years, he fought as a fierce warrior. After the birth of his daughter, Thors faked his death and settled down in Iceland. Later on, Thors and Helga welcomed their son Thorfinn. Diplomatic and humble, Thors dislikes violence. He is a warm, loving father to his children. Overall, Thors believes a true warrior needs no sword.

thorfinn from vinland saga

Thorfinn from Vinland Saga

Thorfinn is the protagonist of Vinland Saga, a historical viking manga and anime series. The story begins with Thorfinn as a child, the son of the noble warrior Thors. As a child, he is wide-eyed and adventurous. When he sneaks onto a Viking ship, he witnesses his father’s death at the hands of the cunning Askeladd. As he grows older, Thorfinn becomes obsessed revenge. He learns to fight in hopes of challenging Askeladd to a duel. He tags along with Askeladd’s group of mercenaries, pillaging and murdering innocent villages. Eventually, he’ll realize that he made mistakes and vow never to hurt anyone again to move on with a new life.

tsukasa kazuki from romantic killer

Tsukasa Kazuki from Romantic Killer

Tsukasa Kazuki (voiced by Yūichirō Umehara and Jason Griffith) is a supporting character from Romantic Killer.  He is the first potential love interest of Anzu Hoshino after a wizard forces her to pursue romance.  Tsukasa, though, while popular with girls at his school, tends to avoid dating.  Tsukasa has orange hair and is typically shown in his school uniform, including a polo shirt and blue plaid trousers.  He also wears a black watch on his left wrist and a pair of white and blue sneakers.

emily cooper from emily in paris

Emily Cooper from Emily in Paris

Emily Cooper (played by Lily Collins) is the protagonist of the Netflix series Emily in Paris.  Initially sent to Paris to oversee a transition at her company, Emily wears an array of eye-popping couture fashion throughout the series.  Some of her most memorable looks include bold colors and unique accessories.  When recreating any of Emily’s looks, it’s important to remember that many of the pieces used on the show are from high-end designers, so it’s okay to find something that’s a close match instead of an exact duplicate.  Focus on colors and silhouettes, like the nude booties shown here which still have the open front feel of the ones Emily wears in the show.  You can also choose to focus on patterns or colors like the two skirts you could decide to pair with her yellow blazer–the tie-dyed skirt has more of that eye-catching color, but the striped skirt maintains the same visual flow as the one from the show because of its lines.


Yoko Tanaka

Yoko Tanaka (Naomi J Ogawa) is a minor character in Netflix’s Wednesday. She is a vampire student at Nevermore Academy, and secretly a member of the Nightshade Society. Yoko and Enid are close friends – the two temporarily become roommates after Enid’s fight with Wednesday. Because of show’s success, you can now purchase your very own uniform!

Alexei from Stranger Things

Alexei (Alec Utgoff) was a recurring character in the third season of Stranger Things. He was a Russian scientist who was helping create technology to access the alternate dimension previously discovered by Hawkins Lab. He was working at a secret base underneath the Starcourt Mall. Hopper and Joyce kidnap him to get answers, and Murray translates for them since he doesn’t speak English. But Alexei drives a high price – no cherry slurpee, no deal.

maudie miller from the inbestigators

Maudie Miller from The InBESTigators

Maudie Miller (played by Anna Cooke) is the protagonist of Netflix’s The InBESTigators.  When Maudie meets Ezra Banks, the two decide to create a detective agency with fellow classmates Ava Andrikides and Kyle Kimson in order to solve mysteries at school and in their neighborhood.  Maudie wears many different outfits throughout the series, but if you want to dress as her, you can’t go wrong with a pinafore dress over a long-sleeved shirt, as she dons similar outfits on several occasions. Such instances include a blue corduroy pinafore she wears over patterned leggings and a striped shirt, paired with brown booties.  To really drive home her P.I. aspirations, you could also add a trench coat.

Tyler Galpin from Wednesday

Tyler Galpin is a character in Netflix’s Wednesday. He is a boy-next-door type “normie.” His father is the sheriff, though their relationship is tense due to his mother’s death. We first meet Tyler at the Weathervane Cafe where he works as a barista. Wednesday helps him fix the espresso machine in exchange for help escaping Nevermore. When she decides to stay and investigate the murders in Jericho, Tyler tries to woo Wednesday by accompanying her to the Rave’N and planning a date night in Crackstone’s crypt.