GGK from Carole and Tuesday

GGK (voiced in Japanese by Misaki Kuno and in English by Mela Lee with singing vocals by Madison McFerrin) is a character in the anime series Carole and Tuesday.  GGK is an eccentric contestant on the Mars’ Brightest talent show, claiming to be a vessel through which the universe itself sings.  During her performances, her all black costume shimmers like it’s part of the fabric of the universe, while she claims the red dot on her forehead is actually her third eye.

Diana Barry from Anne with an E

Diana Barry (played by Dalila Bela) is the best friend of Anne Shirley Cuthbert and one of the main characters in the Netflix series Anne with an E.  Diana is a well-mannered, sweet person with a friendly personality.  Though less imaginative than her friend Anne, Diana appreciates Anne’s view of the world and enjoys their adventures together.  Diana has long dark hair she often adorns with a ribbon and is partial to shades of blue in her costuming.

Kid Cosmic

Kid Cosmic

What do you do when you’re nine years old and trying to make sense of the world after you lose your parents? You turn to stories. And what do you do when the chance to be like the heroes in your stories literally lands in your small town? You take up the challenge with your friends joining you along the way.

In Kid Cosmic, the Kid has an active imagination and a great sense of justice. He also, as it turns out, knows how to turn everyday clothes into a uniform fit for heroes. A shoulder length blonde wig give you the lanky locks Kid sports while yellow-tinted sunglasses and headphones with an antenna make up most of his accessories. A black cape and white baseball shirt with yellow sleeves pairs with black athletic shorts striped with white and blue sneakers to round out his uniform while a yellow leather holster and, of course, the green power stone are the final keys to the perfect Kid Cosmic cosplay.

miles wingrave from bly manor

Miles Wingrave from The Haunting of Bly Manor

Miles Wingrave (played by Benjamin Evan Ainsworth) is one of the children under the care of Dani Clayton in the Netflix horror series The Haunting of Bly Manor.  Miles and his sister Flora are orphans living under the care of their uncle, who spends as little time at their creepy country home as possible, relying instead on Dani and Mrs. Grose to care for the children in his absence.  Miles’ style includes a penchant for cozy-looking sweaters, which makes for a comfortable costume if you choose to emulate his wealthy country chic aesthetic.

flora wingrave from bly manor

Flora Wingrave from The Haunting of Bly Manor

Flora Wingrave (played by Amelie Smith) is the precious younger sister of Miles in the Netflix series The Haunting of Bly Manor.  Flora quickly befriends Dani Clayton when she arrives at Bly as the new governess.  She is a sweet child, though she can at times be rather off-putting and even a bit frightening.  Flora’s costumes often revolve around a sweet purple and pink palette, making for a “perfectly splendid” range of options to choose from when recreating her look.

Jonah from Mystery Science Theater 3000

In the not too distant future, Jonah Heston takes over as the human test subject in the renewal of Mystery Science Theater 3000. The first episode explains he was formerly an ore transporter and inventor for Gizmonic Institute. A perceived emergency brings him to a moon station, but it was a trick from the new villains! He is then transported to the original spaceship to renew the torture. Like Joel, he will be forced to watch bad sci-fi movies until he goes insane. Fortunately, the original robots are there to provide humor and companionship. Jonah hosted the show from 2017-2018.

hannah grose from bly manor

Hannah Grose from The Haunting of Bly Manor

Hannah Grose (played by T’Nia Miller) is a pious woman and the housekeeper of Bly Manor in the Netflix series The Haunting of Bly Manor.  Hannah has a deep connection to the house and is very protective of Miles and Flora Wingrave, though she can also be stern with them when necessary.  Hannah can often be seen lighting candles in the chapel on the grounds.  Hannah’s style is conservative, but often punctuated by color. Look for deep reds and flattering a-line midi skirts to emulate her look.

Seiya from Aggretsuko

Seiya from Aggretsuko

Maybe he’s not real. And maybe he just wants you to buy him all the clothes and accessories his game has to offer. But Seiya (voiced by Yuki Kaji in Japanese and Gideo Emery in English) is just too pretty to resist. Besides, if you spend enough on DLC you get the special edition CD!

If you’d rather get Seiya’s look for yourself than send him off with all the goodies, start with shimmering makeup, a unicorn horn and a cotton candy-colored wig in pink and blue. Pair that with a pink suit, pink belt, white button down, white shoes, and yellow ascot for an ultra luxe look that’s all your own. CD not included.

Anai from Aggretsuko

Anai from Aggretsuko

Anai (voiced by Sota Arai in Japanese and Billy Kametz in English) and seems like your standard college graduate. Right up until you make him angry. And that is incredibly easy to do. At least until he finds who he is outside of college and mellows out a little.

Anai is almost always in his office clothes. A white button down, black sacks, black belt, black shoes, and blue shirt. When he helps out at the company fair he also has a blue chef’s coat. And while you don’t need a tail to complete his look, a makeup palette can give you the same shading and the blush on his cheeks. Or, you know, the sunken look under his eyes when he goes off.

Frosta from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

Frosta is a character in the Netflix animated series, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. She is the princess of the Kingdom of Snows and is the youngest member of the Rebellion Like Perfuma and Mermista, she is an Elemental Princess with a connection to the Fractal Flake. This connection grants her magical abilities over ice such as cyrokenesis. Personality-wise, Frosta moves from strict to reckless, often charging into fights without thinking it over. She also enjoys humor, namely her ice puns.