Hannah Grose from The Haunting of Bly Manor

Hannah Grose (played by T’Nia Miller) is a pious woman and the housekeeper of Bly Manor in the Netflix series The Haunting of Bly Manor.  Hannah has a deep connection to the house and is very protective of Miles and Flora Wingrave, though she can also be stern with them when necessary.  Hannah can often be seen lighting candles in the chapel on the grounds.  Hannah’s style is conservative, but often punctuated by color. Look for deep reds and flattering a-line midi skirts to emulate her look.

Seiya from Aggretsuko

Maybe he’s not real. And maybe he just wants you to buy him all the clothes and accessories his game has to offer. But Seiya (voiced by Yuki Kaji in Japanese and Gideo Emery in English) is just too pretty to resist. Besides, if you spend enough on DLC you get the special edition CD!

If you’d rather get Seiya’s look for yourself than send him off with all the goodies, start with shimmering makeup, a unicorn horn and a cotton candy-colored wig in pink and blue. Pair that with a pink suit, pink belt, white button down, white shoes, and yellow ascot for an ultra luxe look that’s all your own. CD not included.

Anai from Aggretsuko

Anai from Aggretsuko

Anai (voiced by Sota Arai in Japanese and Billy Kametz in English) and seems like your standard college graduate. Right up until you make him angry. And that is incredibly easy to do. At least until he finds who he is outside of college and mellows out a little.

Anai is almost always in his office clothes. A white button down, black sacks, black belt, black shoes, and blue shirt. When he helps out at the company fair he also has a blue chef’s coat. And while you don’t need a tail to complete his look, a makeup palette can give you the same shading and the blush on his cheeks. Or, you know, the sunken look under his eyes when he goes off.

Frosta from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

Frosta is a character in the Netflix animated series, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. She is the princess of the Kingdom of Snows and is the youngest member of the Rebellion Like Perfuma and Mermista, she is an Elemental Princess with a connection to the Fractal Flake. This connection grants her magical abilities over ice such as cyrokenesis. Personality-wise, Frosta moves from strict to reckless, often charging into fights without thinking it over. She also enjoys humor, namely her ice puns.

Pete from Disjointed

Pete from Disjointed

Pete (played by Dougie Baldwin – and no, he isn’t one of the Baldwins) is the in-house grower at Ruth’s Alternative Caring, the dispensary at the heart of the show Disjointed. He’s a a kind-hearted and unassuming guy but that doesn’t mean he stays out of trouble. Between fathering his talking plants, dating the personification of marijuana, and trying to keep an AI from taking over the world he has a lot more on his plate than the pH balance of his soil!

Pete is down to earth in more than just his personality. He likes wearing neutral and earth tones. This means a tan shirt and a knit pullover with a pair of jeans suited for gardening in. A shaggy wig and a pair of sandals rounds out his look.

joe from the old guard

Joe from The Old Guard

Once known as Yusuf Al-Kaysani, a Muslim warrior from the time of the Crusades, Joe (played by Marwan Kenzari) is now an immortal soldier in Netflix’s The Old Guard.  Joe has fought beside Andy, Booker, and his lover Nicky for centuries, and he welcomes their newest member Nile alongside his comrades.

Carter from Disjointed

Carter from Disjointed

Carter (played by Tone Bell) is the security guard at Ruth’s Alternative Caring on the show Disjointed. He is also a character with one of the biggest development arcs in the show. And he is, for many, the character with the most heart wrenching backstory. An Iraq veteran with untreated PTSD, Carter struggles to process what he has been through and find peace. He does, thankfully, but it’s a long journey that Tone Bell plays phenomenally.

Carter’s look changes throughout the show, usually in a way that reflects where he is in his character arc. This version of his costume is toward the end of the first season. He’s relaxed a little and doesn’t wear a full security uniform but he’s also not entirely relaxed into casual clothes as he occasionally is in the second season.

The main pieces here are his black “Security” shirt and his combat boots. Adding in a pair of black Dickies and a black hoodie completes the look. Of course Carter is rarely without his word search book as well. Any other accessories you might want to add from the shows are entirely up to your discretion!

Olivia and The Whatnot Girl from Disjointed

Olivia and The Whatnot Girl from Disjointed

Olivia (played by Elizabeth Alderfer) is a transplant to southern California from rural Iowa. She quickly gets swept up in the business of legal marijuana when her grandma’s fudge cookies turn out to be delicious when turned into edibles! It causes some problems with her and Travis – a one-time love interest who quickly becomes her best friend – but everything turns out alright by the end.

Olivia is put together but in a casual way. She wears her long hair down and opts for long-sleeve shirts, skinny jeans, and boots. But Olivia has a dark secret – she is The Whatnot Girl. An unfortunate meme, she made for a great Halloween costume for Jenny. And she’ll be a great cosplay for you! A pink bra under a camo tank top starts off the look. Then add in some jelly bracelets, shorts, and boots. Finally clip some blonde highlights into the wig and put in some feather earrings. Don’t forget your eyeliner! And, of course, some tooth blackout and the use of her favorite word: Whatnot!

Cataleya Restrepo from Colombiana

Cataleya Restrepo from Colombiana

Cataleya Restrepo (played to perfection by Zoe Saldana) knew her life’s path from a young age. When her father’s employer ordered a hit on her family, only Cataleya made it out alive. The little girl – who once dreamed of being Xena, Warrior Princess – dedicated her life instead to ending the people who took her family from her.

Her line of work means that she has a wide wardrobe. Whatever it takes to get the job done.

The first outfit we see her in is a party dress, black bra, short wig, and gold heels with red bottoms. Red-bottomed shoes tend to be expensive however so you’ll have to DIY your own with some standard gold stilettos and red acrylic paint. It’s a cover, of course. And as soon as she’s alone she strips off the dress and puts on a black catsuit she concealed in her dress in order to assassinate a target housed in another part of the police precinct she was brought to.

A second outfit is a black bathing suit with sleeves, allowing her to swim more easily through a very large tank housing two sharks. A long dark with tied back in a bun is the only other piece you will need for this costume along with invisible shoes such as those in this tutorial.

When she is dressed as herself, though, Cataleya opts for highly detailed black leather jackets, skinny jeans, heeled ankle boots, and comfortable flowing tees. She typically wears her hair down which you can recreate with a long, dark wig styled with waves. Her guns are not easy to see in these outfits, so a shoulder holster is most likely what she uses since she keeps her jackets closely fitted.

nicky from the old guard

Nicky from The Old Guard

During the Crusades, Niccolò di Genova fought for Italy.  Now an immortal soldier, Nicky (played by Luca Marinelli) protects humanity alongside Andy, Booker, Nile, and Joe in the Netflix film The Old Guard.  Nicky and Joe began fighting on opposing sides, before falling in love after realizing their shared immortality and purpose.