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Princess Saturn from Sailor Moon

In Sailor Moon, Saturn looks as she usually does in the series in this illustration, but has the symbol of saturn on her forehead instead of her usual tiara, a deep purple ribbon around her neck, and a matching teardrop necklace.

She is one of two scouts in this set that wear a pair of long gloves to match her dress, the other being Pluto, and her dress, despite being dark purple instead, is styled very similarly as well. She only has one strap on either side of her dress top, but has a pointed midsection on the bodice, and like the other outer scouts, it is open on the sides of the skirt to reveal a lighter purple underskirt that flares out to the ground.

Princess Pluto from Sailor Moon

In Sailor Moon, Pluto has the same lengthy dark green hair as usual, worn partially up in a small bun at the top of her head, with the main differences to this look being the Pluto symbol on her forehead, a long black ribbon around her neck, and a black and gold teardrop necklace.

Her shiny black princess dress is a little bit more elaborate on the straps than the other outer scouts, with her having two thin straps on each side, both of which are decorated with gold fastenings. The bodice of her dress comes up in a point in the middle of her chest, and the rest of it falls in a similar way to Uranus and Saturn’s, with the sides of the skirt cut away to reveal a lighter underskirt layer. She is also one of the two that wear gloves in this form, with hers being a pair of black opera styled ones.

Princess Venus from Sailor Moon

Like the others, Venus wears her hair pretty much in the same way as she does in her other forms, with the Venus symbol being the one major difference, as it appears on her forehead in gold.

She has a long bowed golden ribbon worn around her neck and a matching golden teardrop necklace. Her dress is a golden split toned sleeveless dress with ribboned straps, a high waisted top, and lighter toned multilayered ruffled pieces over a golden inner layer.

Princess Neptune from Sailor Moon

In Sailor Moon, Princess Neptune’s color scheme for her princess attire is very monochromatic, with everything in about the same tealy-blue shade as her hair. She wears it down, as usual, and has the symbol of neptune on her forehead in the same shade, with a matching ribbon around her neck and a similarly colored teardrop necklace worn below it.

Her dress itself is the same shade, and it falls in a low v-neck, with decorated golden adornments on the straps, and a loosely crossed midsection leading into a very long skirt.

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