Olivia Newton-John

Sandy from Grease

Sandy is one of the iconic characters from the 1978 musical film Grease, and is played by Olivia Newton-John. Grease follows the life of high school students in the 1950s, specifically the story of Sandy and Danny who had a romance over the summer before the school year. Sandy is a sweet new student from Australia and in the end of the film, transforms into her very recognizable all-black and leather costume.

To dress like Sandy from the film, wear a yellow pastel sweater and skirt, a white collared blouse, white ruffled socks and white sneakers. For her look at the end of the movie, wear a black cropped leather jacket, an off-the-shoulder fitted top, black leather leggings, a black waist belt, and red heels.

The Pink Ladies from Grease

If you haven’t seen Grease by now, you’re missing out. Not only are the songs catchy and the lines almost infinitely quotable but the costumes are iconic. And perhaps none are more so than those of the Pink Ladies. Rizzo, Frenchie, Jan, and and Marty are sort of the girl gang of Rydell High. They more or less pair up with the T-Birds, the school’s unofficial greaser representatives. Of course there’s Sandy Olson too, though she doesn’t join until much later. And, alas, she never gets that iconic Pink Ladies jacket.

You can get one, though! In fact a Pink Ladies Jacket is more or less the one piece you absolutely need in order to pull of this costume. All of the girls change their clothes throughout the movie but that is one thing they are almost never seen without.

To finish off the look you could choose a classic ’50s A-Line dress, pearls, heels, and hair bows like Frenchie wears. Just make sure you get one of these ’50s hairstyles going too.

Or you might prefer the more daring look of capris, flats, and a button down like Rizzo wears.

No matter how you style it, as long as you’ve got the jacket and the attitude, you’re a Pink Lady through and through!

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