Otabek Altin

Otabek Altin from Yuri on Ice

Otabek (voiced in Japanese by Yoshimasa Hosoya and in English by Mike McFarland) is one of the secondary characters in the anime Yuri on Ice.

He went all over the world training in skating, after meeting up with Yuri at a training camp, going on to take several high level trophies in competitions. The two of them did eventually end up meeting up later on, becoming friends during the course of the show.

Otabek has short black hair, shaved on the sides, with the top left longer. His eyes are a very dark grey-brown color (it was tricky to find the right color in contacts, my apologies). This is the outfit he wears while on his motorcycle, with a light grey sweater worn under a grey scarf and black motorcycle jacket, with dark pants, and brown boots.

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