psychological thriller

Anna Alcott from American Horror Story: Delicate

In the new American Horror Story: Season 12, Delicate, Emma Robert’s plays an actress named Anna Alcott. This season is a psychological thriller and an adaptation of a novel called Delicate Condition by Danielle Valentines. Anna in this story is trying to become a mother while facing someone she believes is trying to stop her.

Anna Alcott wears a number of looks, all of which are sleek and put together with lots of comfortable pieces and coats, paired with dressier pieces. For one look we see on the cover wear a gray sweater maxi dress and pair it with a black dress/ waist belt. Another is one of her suit looks, this one consisting of modern and trendy shapes with the oversized brown blazer and loose-fitting brown pants. Lastly, a look with a pop of color is this one with a bright pink beanie, gray coat that ties at the waist, and black platform boots.

Funny Games

In Funny Games, Peter (Brady Corbet) and Paul (Michael Pitt) are neighbors with a loving family on vacation at a lake house. Despite their clean-cut style, they’re anything but neighborly however, as the family will soon discover.

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