Ricco Fajardo

Mirio Togata (Lemillion Costume) from My Hero Academia

Miro (voiced in Japanese by Tarusuke Shingaki and in English by Ricco Fajardo) is a secondary main character in the anime/manga series My Hero Academia.

He is part of the ‘Big Three’ at UA, along with Nejire and Tamaki, and eventually becomes a big brother-like figure to Eri. His hero name is Lemillion, and he wears an outfit that emulates classic comic heroes. His Quirk is Permutation and it allows him to pass through solid objects, though he cannot safely do this while wearing his school uniform, as only his body can go through, leaving his clothes behind. His hero costume is constructed from his own hair.

Mirio has golden blonde hair worn gently spiked up, and blue eyes that make him look like an old-style cartoon character. His Lemillion costume is a bodysuit with segmented blue and white parts, golden detailing including the large 1,000,000 across his chest, red gloves, a long red cape, and tall knee-covering white and gold boots. The outfit is finished off with a white helm piece with a yellow visor.

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