Shuichi Shindo

Shuichi Shindo from Gravitation

Shuichi (voiced in Japanese by Tomakazu Seki and in English by Rich McNanna) is the main character in the anime/manga series Gravitation.

He is the lead singer of the band he and his friend Hiro started when they were in High School, Bad Luck. He tends to be very prone to extreme bursts of emotions, especially when it comes to his career, and his tumultuous relationship with Eiri Yuki.

Shuichi (in the anime) is portrayed with fluffy, deep pink hair, and dark purple eyes. Throughout the series, he wears several outfits, but for this I’ve chosen a particular favorite of mine. He wears an orange hoodie with white drawstrings, capped with black spring caps, light green cargo shorts with suspenders worn loosely over them, white crew socks, and red shoes. (optional white t-shirt worn under the hoodie)

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