the nightman cometh

Dee Reynolds in The Nightman Cometh

Dee Reynolds is a character in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. In the season four finale, Dee stars in The Nightman Cometh, a rock opera written by Charlie. She performs the role of the princess, which with the apron, seems coded for The Waitress. After her duet with the little boy, performed by Dennis, she improvises a song called “Just to Be Clear” to convey that she is not interested in children, and most men would rate her an eight or nine out of ten.

Charlie in The Nightman Cometh

Poor Charlie, all he has ever wanted in life is the waitress. He loves her so much that he even went as far as writing and directing Nightman Cometh to get her attention. Despite his efforts, his bright yellow suit and snazzy white top hat couldn’t woo her. Oh well, maybe next time.

Mac as Nightman

Mac plays by his own rules and proved such when he cast himself as the leading role in Charlie’s play, Nightman Cometh. The character was a perfect excuse for him to show off his muscles and cat like reflexes. The hissing sounds were just an added bonus.

Dennis Reynolds as Dayman

Of all the characters in Nightman Cometh, Dennis Reynolds was the only one to undergo a transformation. From little boy to Dayman, Dennis channeled his inner Ziggy Stardust and stole the show while wearing an erotic silver unitard.

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