Theo James

Eddie Halstead from The Gentlemen

Eddie is a character from the Netflix series The Gentlemen, and is played by Theo James. The series follows Eddie who inherits his family’s estate, only to discover that it’s home to a drug empire.

Eddie wears clothing that is both classic and modern. To dress like Eddie, wear a checked gray coat with a navy blue sweater and a brown tweed three-piece suit with a denim shirt and orange and brown paisley printed tie.

Hector from Castlevania

Hector (played by Theo James) in the Netflix animated series Castlevania is a young and often naive devil forge master. Once he was one of two human generals within Dracula’s army. Carmilla tricked Hector into leaving Dracula’s castle and becoming part of her promised new army. Unfortunately for Hector when things come apart at the seams he is made Carmilla’s prisoner and brought back to Styria only to be thrown in a dungeon. Later Lenore, Carmilla’s sister, strikes a deal with him he can not refuse.

This Hector costume is from the later seasons where he is enslaved by Carmilla and not wearing his traditional forge master attire. He is also without his hammer. The costume is very simple and would work great as a couple costume with someone dressed as Lenore for any cosplay event.

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