thomasin mckenzie

Eloise from Last Night in Soho

Eloise is from the film Last Night in Soho, and is played by Thomasin McKenzie. Eloise is an aspiring fashion designer and begins university in London to study fashion where she learns she is able to enter the 1960s and transforms into an aspiring singer named Sandie at night. During the day she begins to transform elements of her look to resemble Sandie’s.

Elouise arrives to London wearing fun mixed prints and layering with a dress that she designed and made on her own. She wears a sheer cheetah print shirt underneath a navy overall-style dress with black lace tights and of course her headphones. Later she wears a white coat she buys to resemble Sandie’s, and styles her hair the same. As night and day starts to blend together, she wears leftover black smudged liner from a Halloween party with a black dress under the coat.

Elsa from Jojo Rabbit

While exploring the attic in his home, a German boy named Jojo Betzler discovers that his mother Rosie has rescued a young Jewish woman from the horrors of the Holocaust. (Granted, Jojo is rather oblivious to the whole thing, having been quite propagandized by the Nazi party’s youth movement.) When he first meets Elsa Korr (Thomasin McKenzie), she’s emaciated and barefoot, but she hasn’t lost her wit, spunk, or spirit. She goes so far as to steal his pocket knife and set him straight on some unfortunate stereotypes!

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