Tone Bell

Carter from Disjointed

Carter (played by Tone Bell) is the security guard at Ruth’s Alternative Caring on the show¬†Disjointed. He is also a character with one of the biggest development arcs in the show. And he is, for many, the character with the most heart wrenching backstory. An Iraq veteran with untreated PTSD, Carter struggles to process what he has been through and find peace. He does, thankfully, but it’s a long journey that Tone Bell plays phenomenally.

Carter’s look changes throughout the show, usually in a way that reflects where he is in his character arc. This version of his costume is toward the end of the first season. He’s relaxed a little and doesn’t wear a full security uniform but he’s also not entirely relaxed into casual clothes as he occasionally is in the second season.

The main pieces here are his black “Security” shirt and his combat boots. Adding in a pair of black Dickies and a black hoodie completes the look. Of course Carter is rarely without his word search book as well. Any other accessories you might want to add from the shows are entirely up to your discretion!

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