Bernard Lowe from HBO’s Westworld

In HBO’s Westworld, Bernard Lowe (played by Jeffrey Wright) is the head of Devos’ programming department and has a lot of involvement with the hosts, especially Dolores.  Later in the series, Bernard discovers that he is himself a host and his entire world view is altered.  Bernard typically wears sweater vests and dark suits, and is usually wearing his dark framed glasses.

Teddy Flood from HBO’s Westworld

In HBO’s Westworld, Teddy Flood (played by James Marsden) is a host and Dolores’ main love interest early in the series.  His character will often intervene to protect her from guests will nefarious intent, including the Man in Black. Teddy is portrayed mostly as an archetypal chivalrous western hero until Dolores alters his personality to further her own gains, leading to an existential crisis. Teddy’s costume includes a brown cowboy hat, leather holster, and grey suit.

charlotte hale from westworld

Charlotte Hale from HBO’s Westworld

Charlotte Hale (played by Tessa Thompson) is a ruthless member of the Delos Board of Directors and attempts to overthrow Robert Ford by proving that his hosts have become unstable. Charlotte works closely with Bernard and trusts him in the aftermath of the gala until she discovers that he himself is a host, at which point she turns on him in pursuit of her ultimate goals.  Charlotte dresses well and can often be seen adjusting her clothing or hair to maintain her carefully manicured appearance.  Following the events of the gala, she dresses down to fit into Westworld and avoid detection by Dolores and her followers.

caleb nichols from westworld

Caleb Nichols from Westworld

In season 3 of Westworld, Caleb Nichols (played by Aaron Paul) joins up with Dolores after he helps her when she is injured.  Dolores shows Caleb the extent to which his life is controlled and his fate determined by others in order to recruit him to her cause.  As a veteran, Caleb suffers with some amount of PTSD and survivor’s guilt.  When season 3 begins, Caleb works construction with a robot companion, while also completing criminal acts after hours for additional cash.  Whether dressed for work, criminal activity, or infiltrating a 1%ers party, Caleb typically wears clothing that is dark grey or black.  Prior to his recruitment by Dolores, Caleb wears coveralls with orange pocket flaps to his construction job.

Maeve Millay from Westworld

Maeve Millay

In Westworld, Maeve Millay (Thandie Newton) is a host who plays the role of brothel madam. After she awakens in the control center and discovers that her life is a massive lie, she sets out to escape from the wild west themed amusement park with some help from fellow host Hector Escaton.

Hector Escaton

Hector Escaton

In Westworld, Hector Escaton (Rodrigo Santoro) is a host of the park who plays the role of wanted gang leader. He’s hellbent on survival and does his best to aid Maeve in her attempted escape.

Dolores Abernathy

In Westworld, Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood) is a humble farm girl who gets wrapped up in a grandiose adventure. As she enters the rough and tumble outpost Pariah, she trades in her 1800s-era blue dress for pants, and arms herself with a revolver.

Man in Black

In Westworld, the Man in Black (Ed Harris) is a mysterious Guest who takes his violence and sadism to the next level. He seems to be searching for something deeper in the park, but what that means remains to be seen.

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