King Magnifico from Wish

King Magnifico (voiced by Chris Pine) is the selfish ruler of the Kingdom of Rosas in the Disney animated film Wish.  King Magnifico siphons magic from the wishes of his people, though he only grants those wishes that benefit his rule.  When Asha makes a wish that brings a star down from the sky, King Magnifico declares her a traitor to the Kingdom.  King Magnifico wears a cream-colored regal outfit with a white tunic, a white cape with blue lining, and a pale blue sash.  You can purchase a costume set or build your own by layering two capes together over a vintage coat held closed with a blue sash.  Whether you make your own costume or buy a set, you’ll also need white leggings, shoes, and a costume facial hair set that includes a grey mustache and pointed goatee.

Asha from Wish

Asha (voiced by Ariana DeBose) is the main character of the Disney animated feature Wish.  Asha is from the kingdom of Rosas.  A wish she makes pulls a star from the sky.  Asha has long braided hair which she parts to one side and prominent freckles across her nose and cheeks.  She wears a purple-themed costume with reddish accents.  You can find costume sets for Asha, or you can create your own.  If you choose to build your own, you’ll need a patterned skirt and shimmery sheer shirt layered under a dusty purple dress.  Knot the dress at your right thigh to reveal the hem of the underskirt.  For accessories, you’ll need a beaded necklace you can loop twice, two anklets to wear on your left leg, drop earrings, and a woven belt.  Whether you build your own or buy a set, finish the costume with dark purple flats and a star plush that glows.

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