Xion from Kingdom Hearts

Xion (voiced in Japanese by Risa Uchida and in English by both Alyson Stoner and Hayden Panettiere) is one of the main important characters in the Kingdom Hearts game franchise, specifically 358/2 Days. If you would like her KH3 outfit, please check out this article here.

She is a part of Organization XIII, but never had an official title, as she was a created being meant to siphon the ability to wield the keyblade. Over time, she grew stronger and became more of her own person, to the point in KH3 where she was finally able to join Axel (now Lea) and Roxas for a happy ending with the others.

Xion has black hair, worn in a very reminiscent style of Kairi’s first game haircut, and vibrant deep blue eyes. She wears the standard Organization XIII cloak, with hers being a bit more form fitted, as well as black gloves, black fitted pants, and black heeled boots with a silver trim. She is able to wield the Kingdom Key keyblade.

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