Sister from Akudama Drive

Sister (voiced in Japanese by Kana Ichinose and in English by Laura Stahl) is one of the key characters in the anime Akudama Drive.

She is one of the two children that the rest of the group get instructed by (the other being Brother) in order to rescue Cutthroat from the public execution and the starter of their journey. She starts off the series very quiet and reserved but ends up coming out of her shell a lot more the more time she spends with Swindler, much to the distress of her brother.

Sister has long black hair braided into two braids with hime cut bangs, which she tops with a red headband that matches her eyes. Her outfit consists of a white kimono with a red hakama over it, which she finishes off with brown boots with a scalloped edge (I wasn’t able to find the exact boots but any nice brown boots you can find will probably work).

Brother from Akudama Drive

Brother (voiced in Japanese by Maaya Uchida and in English by Daisy Guevara) is one of the key characters in the anime Akudama Drive.

He is one of the two children that the rest of the group get instructed by (the other being Sister) in order to rescue Cutthroat from the public execution and the starter of their journey. He is very protective of Sister and is shocked when he sees how much she changed after being with Swindler for a short while.

Brother has short black hair and red eyes, and his outfit follows the same color scheme. He wears what looks like a school uniform in black with red highlights, a black school hat on top, and he wears knee high red socks with white shoes.

Hoodlum from Akudama Drive

Hoodlum (voiced in Japanese by Subaru Kimura and in English by Kellen Goff) is one of the main characters in the anime Akudama Drive.

While he is classified in the same tier as the other akudama, he has the least amount of years on his sentence, only being a petty thief. He likes to brag otherwise making it seem like he’s got more crimes under his belt, which gets Brawler‘s very enthusiastic attention, much to his excitement.

Hoodlum’s got a light green pompadour hairstyle that matches his eyes, and he wears a pair of round orange lens sunglasses with them. He wears the same detonation choker as the rest of them, but also has two bar and circle gold necklaces, and a silver crawler ear cuff earring. The rest of his outfit is rather simple while being colorfully flashy, with a bright yellow button up shirt and matching belt, and a purple two piece suit with red striping up it. He finishes it off with a pair of tan loafers.

Brawler from Akudama Drive

Brawler (voiced in Japanese by Shunsuke Takeuchi and in English by Zeno Robinson) is one of the main characters in the anime Akudama Drive.

He is very excited about seeking out strong opponents and causes a large amount of chaos and destruction in the quest to find them. During the course of the series he ends up becoming close with Hoodlum, and gets really excited hyping up how impressive he makes himself sound (despite it being a massive lie).

Brawler has deep red dreads and golden brown eyes, with metal bead detailing in his hair and pointed eyeliner on his eyes. He wears a set of necklaces in tandem with the detonation necklace, but aside from his hair beads that’s the only accessories he has. He wears a green motorcycle jacket with an orange under layer, and a pair of blue jeans with black chaps over them. The final part of his outfit is a pair of black boots.

Doctor from Akudama Drive

Doctor (voiced in Japanese by Megumi Ogata and in English by Brittany Lauda) is one of the main characters in the anime Akudama Drive.

Out of the members of the main group, she has one of the higher prison sentences due to several severe instances of murder and malpractice. She enjoys the feeling of being cruel, and tends to act out of petty revenge in drastic ways for the simplest of offenses against her.

She has voluminous pink hair with strands of light blue at the ends partially tied back with a black scrunchie, and she has goldish eyes with blue eyeshadow around them. Her theming is very pink and purple, with gold accenting. She has pink half rectangle glassesĀ  and a purpley-gold stethescope chest piece necklace. Her outfit consists of a very tight purple bodysuit with a sheer purple corset piece and micro skirt over top, she wears a white labcoat as a jacket, and has thigh high black boots with purple heels. Doctor has deep peach lipstick, pinkish-purple and blue painted nails, and she wears the same detonator choker as the rest of the group.

Hacker from Akudama Drive

Hacker, or The Hacker, (voiced in Japanese by Shun Horie and in English by Y. Chang) is part of the main cast of the anime Akudama Drive, and one of the group of criminals or ‘Akudama’ that are key to the story.

None of the characters have much of an explained backstory, or a known name, so he simply just goes by Hacker. He’s true to his name in that aspect, as he takes great joy in interesting technological struggles that he’s able to force past, and gets bored easily when he can’t find something that interests him.

He has very messy blondish brown hair and one visible blue eye, while the other is covered by a glowing eyepatch. The outfit he wears is almost entirely body covering, with a long greyish white turtleneck shirt and a tailcoated blue jacket that he wears nearly open over it. His hair is partially covered by a hat that glows like his eyepatch and is the same color as his coat. Hacker also has a pair of black pants with a blue end piece covering them, and odd looking almost spat-like blue and black boots.

Cutthroat from Akudama Drive

Cutthroat (voiced in Japanese by Takahiro Sakurai and in English by Matt Shipman) is one of the main characters in Akudama Drive, part of the akudama group that Swindler joins.

Out of the entire group that we follow through the series, Cutthroat is the top most wanted criminal in that universe, with an expected prison sentence of almost 1000 years, due to living up to the title, with nine hundred and ninety nine murders to date.

Cutthroat has a fixation with the color red as well as an intense bloodlust, and ends up quite devoted to Swindler, following her around and showing rather twisted gestures of affection.

With only the eyes being a standout feature, a rather hypnotic purple-pink color similar to Swindler’s, Cutthroat’s hair and outfit are all white, with a long inner shirt, a long jacket, loose shorts, and boots, as well as white hand bandages. Black long socks and the collar the akudama group all got are the only differently colored pieces.

Swindler from Akudama Drive

Swindler (voiced in Japanese by Tomoyo Kurosawa and in English by Macy Anne Johnson) is the main character of Akudama Drive, and the main reason that the entire story of the series kicks off in the first place.

At the start she was just an ordinary girl working for the city she lived in, which had a very firm crackdown on crime and criminals, until an innocent mistake threw her headlong into the world of akudamas where she joined their ranks to save herself.

While her appearance does chance rather drastically by the end of the series, at the start she has shoulder length black hair with pink streaks in her bangs and detailed purplish pink eyes.

Swindler’s main outfit is rather simple, it’s a pink and white zip dress, high fingerless gloves, a blue bracelet, thigh high socks, pink heeled shoes, a small blue backpack, and the digitally linked choker that the other akudamas also have attached to them.

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