Natsu from Baby Steps

Natsu Takasaki is a member of the Southern Tennis Club, and wants to be a professional player in the future. She is a straightforward, but friendly girl. She goes to the same school as Eiichiro, finding his insanely detailed notes a little unusual. When she realizes Eiichiro came to the tennis club, she helps him get familiar with the team and the sport. Natsu plays tennis with all her heart in Baby Steps.

Eiichiro from Baby Steps

Eiichiro Maruo loves tennis, and wants to become a professional player. He first joins the Southern Tennis Club after his mom suggests him to check out the team. Eiichiro did not know much about tennis, but became absorbed in the sport. He is an excellent note-taker, and very diligent in his school studies. He carried this trait over to his tennis skills, and with help from friends like Natsu, he starts to improve. Eiichiro uses his observation skills and dedicated practice habits to better his chances at being a professional athlete. He is steadily growing as a tennis player in Baby Steps.

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