Everett from Costume Quest

In Costume Quest, Everett Nichols is friends with twins Wren and Reynold, along with Lucy. When the popular Abe Lincoln Jr. costumes sell out at all the shops, Everett decides to make his own robot costume for Halloween.

Reynold from Costume Quest

In Costume Quest, Reynold Carver is the fraternal twin brother of Wren, and pals with Everett and Lucy. Together they slowly realize that the costumes they wear for trick-or-treating give them actual superpowers.

Lucy from Costume Quest

Lucy from Costume Quest

In Costume Quest, Lucy Chu is a girl from Auburn Pines. Together with her friends Wren, Reynold, and Everett, she makes her own costume to go trick or treating. Lucy’s costume is a squid, pulled together from a pink and purple umbrella hat and purple bubble wrap.

Costume Quest

Interview with Costume Quest Creators Bryan Caselli and Nick Bachman

We’re thrilled to have very special guests join us for an interview: Bryan Caselli and Nick Bachman, who produce, write, […]

Wren from Costume Quest

Wren from Costume Quest

In Costume Quest, Wren Carver is the fraternal twin sister of Reynold. Along with their friends Everett and Lucy, she faces off against the dark forces of Auburn Pines as the de facto leader. Wren is the most reluctant to give up her Abe Lincoln Jr. store-bought costume and DIY her own.

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