Graham O’Brien

Graham O’Brien (Bradley Walsh) is a character in the British sci-fi series, Doctor Who. He is a retired bus driver who once battled cancer. He becomes a companion to the 13th doctor alongside Yasmin Khan and Ryan Sinclair (his grandson). When the three, along with his wife, Grace, are passengers on a train, a strange creature attacks them. The Doctor steps in to save the day and Graham helps her battle the coils and its controller. Unfortunately their victory results in the death of his wife. At first the Doctor plans to teleport everyone back home, but Graham decides to travel with the Doctor to process his grief. His archetype as an “everyman” character makes him personable and generally well liked.

Yasmin Khan

Yasmin “Yaz” Khan (Mandip Gill) is a character in the British sci-fi series, Doctor Who. She is a companion of the 13th doctor alongside Graham O’Brien and Ryan Sinclair (former classmate). At age nineteen, she is the youngest of Team TARDIS. On duty as a probationary police officer, she reunited with Ryan after the report of a strange pod. When his grandmother calls, Yaz accompanies Ryan to help and they both meet the Doctor. She helps the Doctor solve problems with her investigative skills and reassure victims of trauma. Yaz usually sports a fun hairstyle, such as braids or space buns.


Ryan Sinclair

Ryan Sinclair (Tosin Cole) is a character in the British sci-fi series, Doctor Who. He was a companion to the 13th Doctor alongside Yasmin Khan (former classmate at primary school) and Graham O’Brien (his grandfather). Ryan worked at a warehouse to earn enough money to go to school and become a mechanic. His dyspraxia made his job difficult. While learning to cycle with his grandparents, Ryan fell off and threw the bicycle into the woods out of anger. Upon retrieving it from a tree, he discovered a glowing symbol and summoned a strange pod. He called the police and reunited with Yasmin, now as a police officer. His grandmother, Grace, called him for help on the train. When she dies, Ryan battles his dyspraxia in her honor. Despite his impulsive behavior, Ryan learned to obey the Doctor’s rules and understand her way of thinking.

Idris Doctor Who Character

Idris from Doctor Who

Idris (Suranne Jones) is a character from the British sci-fi show Doctor Who. She appears in the episode “The Doctor’s Wife.” An evil force called The House removes the matrix, or consciousness, of the TARDIS and places it in Idris’s body. Possessed with the memories and knowledge of the TARDIS, she helps the Eleventh Doctor prevent House from escaping with the actual time machine. Her design is inspired by the Victorian era. Use hot glue to attach the two bows on your chest in a vertical fashion. Wrap the brown cardigan around your waist, tying the two sleeves in the front and letting the rest drape on the skirt. Use bobby pins to style the wig into an updo — the messier the better. Pair this costume with a bit of blush and lipstick and you’re ready to meet the Doctor!

The Master Richard Delgado Doctor Who Character

The Master (1971) from Doctor Who

The Master is a recurring antagonist on the British sci-fi show Doctor Who. Although the Doctor says they are last of the Time Lords, they soon find out otherwise. But unlike the Doctor, who uses his abilities and knowledge to heal, the Master wants to harm. The Master (Roger Delgado) is first seen in “Terror of the Autons” (1971), where he forms an alliance with the Nestene Conciousness to invade Earth. The Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee) convinces him to stop the plan, but he escapes. His last appearance is in “Frontier in Space” (1973), where he works with the Daleks to provoke a war between humans and draconians. Again, he escapes, but he reunites with the Tenth Doctor as Professor Yana/Harold Saxon, and the Twelfth Doctor as Missy, her new title as a Time Lady. In the most recent season with the Thirteenth Doctor, the Master is back, revealed to inhabit her ex-MI6 ally, O.

Vincent Van Gogh Character

Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh was a Dutch impressionist painter, and is probably one of the most famous artists of all time. His style emphasized vibrant colors and brushwork. His most famous works include his multitude of self portraits, and of course, Starry Night. Although his popularity came after his death, and while alive, Van Gogh was struggled with both poverty and mental illness. Tony Curran played the artist in an episode of Doctor Who titled “Vincent and The Doctor.”

The Master (Missy)

A fellow Time Lord turned rival, the Master is the arch-nemesis of the Doctor on the BBC series Doctor Who. Although the two were friends growing up on their home planet, the Master desired power while the Doctor sought adventure and service. Occasionally the two unite as allies, but always break away as enemies once again. This guide covers the latest incarnation of the Master, nicknamed Missy (Michelle Gomez), encountered primarily by the 12th Doctor. For the hat, buy a plain black one and glue on a few fake flowers and berries.

Bill Potts

A companion of the 12th Doctor on the BBC TV series Doctor Who, Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie) begins as a student of the Doctor before learning his time-traveling secret. After she agrees to travel with him and his other companion Nardole, she sets out on a series of adventures. Fans love her as a smart, lovable, down-to-earth, sassy woman and the first lesbian portrayed on the show.


The endearing, cowardly Nardole (Matt Lucas) was a brief companion of the 12th Doctor on the BBC TV series Doctor Who. Originally an employee of the Doctor’s wife, River Song, Nardole lost his head in an attempt to discover River’s whereabouts but was reassembled by the Doctor. The two joined forces for a short while, and then Nardole made a courageous decision that lead him down a different path. Nardole dresses in a distinctive, goofy outfit of burnt orange coat, beanie and glasses.



Originally a Viking child encountered by the 12th Doctor on the BBC series Doctor Who, Ashildr (Maisie Williams) became immortal after the Doctor resurrected her from death. She took advantage of her immortality, traveling the world and assuming many aliases – so many that she eventually took the simple name “Me”. She lives to the end of time and then, due to the wonderfully pliable time laws of Doctor Who, encounters the Doctor once again. This is for her outfit in the episode ‘Face the Raven’, when she is mayor of a London town inhabited by aliens. For the tattoos, use body paint or a handy eyeliner pencil.