Paul from Eddsworld

Paul (voiced by and based upon Paul ter Voorde) is a recurring character in the web cartoon Eddsworld.  Paul looks a lot like Patryck, but is distinguishable by his extremely thick eyebrows and the fact that he almost always carries a cigarette with him.  Paul’s look consists primarily of a blue military-style jacket with a high collar, which you can layer over grey pants and boots.  If you don’t have the messy brown hair, a wig can work instead, just be sure to give it a good muss as a finishing touch to your costume.

Patryck from Eddsworld

Patryck (voiced by and based upon Patryck Dudulewicz) is a recurring character in the webtoon Eddsworld.  Sharing some aesthetic similarities with Paul, Patryck wears his hair parted down the middle and his red turtleneck can pretty much always be seen poking out from his blue coat.  Paul often carries rifle strapped to his back; an airsoft version, or other toy counterpart, can help really sell the finished look.

Jon from Eddsworld

Jon (voiced by Eddie Bowley) was one of Edd‘s neighbors on the webtoon series Eddsworld.  Jon lived with Eduardo and Mark and is eventually killed by Tord‘s robot, returning as a ghost in a post-credits scene.  Jon had dark blonde hair pushed toward the front of his head and wore dark grey jeans with grey and white sneakers.  He typically wore a blue button-down over a grey t-shirt.  If you’d like a twist to the original design, dressing as Ghost Jon can be achieved with a little layering of teal clothes over a bodysuit and some creative sad face art skills using fabric markers.

future edd from eddsworld

Future Edd from Eddsworld

Future Edd (voiced by Edd Gould) is a villain in the web cartoon Eddsworld intent on killing his past self to avoid a bad life.  Future Edd dresses much like his younger self, though with a markedly darker overall look.  He also sports a heavy trench coat and a scruffy beard.  To recreate the beard, if you’re unwilling to grow one of your own, you can use a brown pencil meant for filling in eyebrows to give yourself a faux five o’clock shadow.


Tord Larsson from Eddsworld

Tord Larsonn is a main protagonist during the classic era of the animation, Eddsworld. At the start, Tord is a trigger-happy addict, but towards the end, he becomes more menacing and cunning. He is based on the real life person of the same name.


Tom Ridgewell from Eddsworld

Tom Ridgewell is a main character in the animation, Eddsworld. Cynical and pessimistic, Tom doesn’t really get along with others. He can be smart or clueless depending on the situation. He enjoys alcohol and playing bass guitar. You can achieve the unsettling “no eyes” look with a pair of sunglasses.

Edd Gould from Eddsworld

Edd Gould is a protagonist in the animation, Eddsworld. He is the avatar and animated counterpart of Edd Gould, who created the series and also voices the character. Sometimes Edd can be carefree, or adventurous, or even self-centered, given a situation. Although what remains consistent is his obsession with bacon and Coca-Cola.

Matt Hargreaves from Eddsworld

Matt Hargreaves from Eddsworld

In Eddsworld, Matt Hargreaves is recognized by his ginger hair and square chin. Matt is obsessed with his looks, and wears either a black or purple hoodie, a green overcoat, blue jeans, and black shoes. Sometimes he wears a black tee with “I ♥ M@” written on it. He is the animated counterpart to creator Edd Gould’s real-life friend.

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