Xion (Casual Outfit) from Kingdom Hearts III

Xion (voiced in Japanese by Risa Uchida and in English by both Alyson Stoner and Hayden Panettiere) is one of the main important characters in the Kingdom Hearts game franchise, specifically 358/2 Days. This article will be focusing on her outfit specifically in KH3, please go here to find her Organization cloak version.

For this outfit, her hair and eyes are the same as shown in her 358/2 Days appearance. During the end of KH3, she changes into a black dress similar in form to Kairi’s KH3 outfit, with a grey pleated skirt. She’s also exchanged her Organization XIII boots for black boots with a light topper ring, and metal studded bands around the top of the foot.

Roxas from Kingdom Hearts

Roxas (voiced in Japanese by Kōki Uchiyama and in English by Jesse McCartney) is the starting main character/main playable character in both Kingdom Hearts 2 and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. This article is focusing on his organization uniform, if you want his Twilight Town outfit, that’s found here.

He is number XIII (13) in the original Organization XIII, with the title ‘Key of Destiny’, and was created when Sora unlocked his heart in KH1. He is very determined to be seen as his own person, despite where he came from, and has become very close friends with two of the other members of the Organization, Axel and Xion.

Roxas has extremely spiky golden blonde hair and deep blue eyes. While in the Organization, he wears their standard long black cloak, with matching gloves, loose legged black pants, and silver tipped rounded off black boots. He is able to dual-wield keyblades, and the two that he uses are Oathkeeper and Oblivion.

Xion from Kingdom Hearts

Xion (voiced in Japanese by Risa Uchida and in English by both Alyson Stoner and Hayden Panettiere) is one of the main important characters in the Kingdom Hearts game franchise, specifically 358/2 Days. If you would like her KH3 outfit, please check out this article here.

She is a part of Organization XIII, but never had an official title, as she was a created being meant to siphon the ability to wield the keyblade. Over time, she grew stronger and became more of her own person, to the point in KH3 where she was finally able to join Axel (now Lea) and Roxas for a happy ending with the others.

Xion has black hair, worn in a very reminiscent style of Kairi’s first game haircut, and vibrant deep blue eyes. She wears the standard Organization XIII cloak, with hers being a bit more form fitted, as well as black gloves, black fitted pants, and black heeled boots with a silver trim. She is able to wield the Kingdom Key keyblade.

Fuu from Kingdom Hearts 2

Fuu (voiced in Japanese by Rio Natsuki and in English by Jillian Bowen) is a semi-main character in the Twilight Town world featured in the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

She is part of Seifer’s disciplinary committee, along with their other friends, Rai and Vivi. Like the others, she is based off of a character from the Final Fantasy franchise, particularly FFVIII. In Kingdom Hearts she is very quiet and doesn’t say much except for minimally worded sentences to convey what she wants to get across.

Fuu has very light blueish purple hair, worn over one eye, with her other eye a deep red color. She wears a sleeveless dark blue zip up shirt, with black and gold details, her pants are a very light yellowy-cream pair of capris, and periwinkle and white slip on shoes.

Hayner from Kingdom Hearts 2

Hayner (voiced in Japanese by Kazunori Sasaki and in English by Justin Cowden [KH2]) is one of the main characters you find in Twilight Town, and Roxas’ best friend, throughout the Kingdom Hearts series.

He hangs out with Pence and Olette, along with Roxas, and enjoys participating in the town’s Struggle tournament, where he has a long standing rivalry with Seifer (though this sadly does not continue into KH3). Out of Roxas’ friends, he’s the most hot-headed, and tends to jump to conclusions without backup.

Hayner has light golden hair, worn in a largely spiked up wave towards the back of his head, and his eyes are a beautiful brown color. His KH2 outfit consists of a black tanktop with a white chalky looking skull drawn across the entire front, a light forest green cropped vest that he wears open over top of it, camo print scrunched leg capris that go down almost to his ankles, matching slip on shoes with white tips, and the outfit is finished off with a studded bracelet that matches his eyes, and a corded necklace with a golden X as the jewelry piece.

Olette from Kingdom Hearts 2

Olette (voiced in Japanese by Yuka Hirasawa and in English by Jessica DiCicco [KH2]) is one of the main characters that appears in Twilight Town in the Kingdom Hearts game series.

She is one of Roxas’ friends in the simulated Twilight Town, as well as a major character in the real one, and is part of his group with Pence and Hayner. She’s one of the more level-headed ones of the group, as she’s more often than not trying to get the others to behave.

Olette has chocolatey brown hair worn spiked out to the sides and with two long tails reaching down to her shoulders, and her eyes are a bright green. For her KH2 outfit she wears an orange tank top with white borders and flowers patterned across it, and possibly either a black undershirt or sports bra underneath. Her pants are a soft toned creamy yellow pair of capris, which she pairs with orange and white socks that match her shirt, and white, gold, and black shoes. The look is finished off with a teal beaded bracelet and a matching single bead black corded necklace.

Luxord from Kingdom Hearts

Luxord (voiced in Japanese by Jōji Nakata and in English by Robin Atkin Downes) is one of the members of Organization XIII, the main antagonists in the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

Little is known about his past as of yet, as only a few of the Organization members have been given fleshed out backstories (though this may change with the new games). For the majority of the series, Luxord is the 10th (X) member of Organization XIII, with his title being the Gambler of Fate, as his powers are card-based.

He has very short spiked light blonde hair, with matching facial hair, and his eyes are a bright blue. He has a variety of piercings in his ears, including a silver Nobody symbol. For the rest of his look, it’s fairly standard with the regular Organization look, with the same black cloak, black leather gloves, black pants, and silver topped black boots. His weapon is a Nobody symbol branded deck of cards that can change sizes during battle.

Roxas (Twilight Town Outfit) from Kingdom Hearts 2

Roxas (voiced in Japanese by Kōki Uchiyama and in English by Jesse McCartney) is the starting main character/main playable character in both Kingdom Hearts 2 and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. This article will be focused on the outfit he wears in Twilight Town/Kingdom Hearts 3, to find his organization outfit, the article is here.

His hair and eyes are unchanged from how he looks throughout the rest of the series, but his outfit is completely different. For this one, he wears a black vest with a grey inner collar and a large x-sigil silver zipper, with a white, black, and red detailed short sleeved jacket over top, decorated with a checker pattern. He wears double-layered pants, with the under layer being a plain black, and the covers a tannish-grey color. Roxas’ shoes are large flat black shoes with grey bottoms and a patchwork of red straps acting as the closures. The accessories for this outfit are a black and white checkered wristband (black bordered, Ventus has the white bordered one) and two ring-like finger slips, in black and white as well.

Saix from Kingdom Hearts

Saix (voiced in Japanese by Ginpei Sato and in English by Kirk Thornton) is a major antagonist throughout the Kingdom Hearts franchise (though various titles change this).

He is number VII (7) in Organization XIII, the main group of antagonists, and his title is the Luna Diviner, as he uses the power of the moon to unlock his Berserker mode to become a stronger attacker. He is seen as very high up in rank in the Organization, despite being VII in the ranks, and is often more cold and uncaring. Saix joined at the same time as Axel, as the two of them were very close before the events that turned them into Nobodies, as seen in Birth By Sleep.

He has long, semi-spiked mid-toned blue hair with a lighter gradient to it, and his eyes are an intense gold, signifying his closer connection to Darkness. There is a large, rough, X-shaped scar right in between his eyes, crossing over his nose, that he got upon becoming a Nobody, as well as pointed ears. Saix wears the standard Organization cloak, with matching leather gloves, black pants, and flat-heeled black boots with a silver top trim. His weapon is a large metallic Claymore, that has an extended form when he’s in Berserker mode.

Axel from Kingdom Hearts

Axel (voiced in Japanese by Keiji Fujiwara and in English by Quinton Flynn) is one of the major characters and a temporary antagonist at this point, in the Kingdom Hearts series.

While he does return later as his Somebody, Lea, for this part of the series he is still considered a key member of Organization XIII. He is number VIII (8), and his title is The Flurry of Dancing Flames, due to his flame-based powers. He joined the Organization at the same time as Saix, as they were very close beforehand.

He has voluminous red spiky hair with a dark gradient running through it, and vibrant green eyes, lined with red eyeliner, and purple upside-down teardrops underneath them. He wears the standard black Organization cloak, with black leather gloves, black pants, and the same silver topped black boots. His weapons are a pair of multi-colored spiked chakrams, as a variation off of the frisbees he used to play with as a child.

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