Missy Cooper from Young Sheldon

Melissa “Missy” Cooper (played by Raegan Revord) is the fraternal twin sister of Sheldon Cooper on the TV series Young Sheldon.  The polar opposite of her twin brother, Missy is utterly disinterested in schoolwork and often feels jealous of her brother and the attention he receives from their mother Mary.  Missy’s style varies throughout the series, but often lingers on the more tomboy-ish side of things, especially when she discovers she has a talent for baseball.  She also often dons overalls, especially in her younger days, if you find yourself more in the mood for shorts than a pinafore dress.

Mary Cooper from Young Sheldon

Mary Cooper (played by Zoe Perry) is the mother of Georgie, Sheldon, and Missy on the TV series Young Sheldon.  A young mother from East Texas, Mary is devout and no-nonsense, even as she sometimes struggles to understand her genius son.  Mary wears a variety of clothes throughout the series, and imitating her look is a great chance to dust off some vintage dresses or accessories you might have lying in the back of your closet.  Otherwise, focus on bold 80s prints with vintage-inspired silhouettes.  And of course, don’t forget to practice your southern drawl to really sell the part.

georgie cooper from young sheldon

Georgie Cooper from Young Sheldon

George Cooper, Jr. (played by Montana Jordan) is the eldest son of George and Mary, and the elder brother of Sheldon and Missy on the sitcom Young Sheldon.  Referred to as Georgie by nearly everyone, the eldest Cooper child is named after his father and is often derided by Sheldon and Meemaw for his lacking intellect.  Georgie’s style is far less buttoned-up than his younger brothers, favoring comfortable jeans and loose-fitting, sporty clothes.

sheldon cooper from young sheldon

Young Sheldon Cooper from Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon Cooper (played by Iain Armitage with voiceover from Jim Parsons) is the titular protagonist of the CBS sitcom Young Sheldon.  A spinoff of the popular Big Bang Theory, the series focuses on Sheldon Cooper’s childhood in East Texas, where his proclivity for learning and genius intellect are often at odds with his family and peers, including his older brother Georgie.  Whereas the elder Sheldon was known for his geeky collection of t-shirts, young Sheldon often favors plaid button-ups and bow ties, making for a fun and comfortable costume.  To put the finishing touches on the look, be sure to bring a vintage-looking briefcase and style your hair with a little shine.

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