In Stranger Things, Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) is a mysterious young girl with telekinetic powers and a limited vocabulary who appears in small town Indiana. Her name is taken from an "11" tattoo on her wrist. Mike Wheeler befriends the girl, nicknaming her El and showing her the wonders of his dad's La-Z-Boy chair.

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  1. Hey! Thanks for the tips on the costume! The socks arenot available anymore in that color but I’m looking for other site to check if they have them. The one thing you didn’t include and I’m having a hard time finding is a blonde wig (I’m neither blond or have a shaved head)…any ideas on where to find a similar one? Thanks in advance!

    • It depends on weather you want to spend more than 20 dollars on a wig but If your looking for a close to exact copy then I would go with Rockstarwigs. I can’t remember the exact one I got but their instagram has a post about eleven cosplay wigs.

  2. I just got some white tube socks with green and yellow lines from
    http://www.skatersocks.com/ they got a new shipment in.

    And I got a blond wig from the Halloween section at a local Savers store.

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