Hotline Miami Jacket

Hotline Miami Jacket

In the retro 2D video game Hotline Miami, the unnamed protagonist (nicknamed Jacket) receives cryptic instructions to kill foes in an ultraviolent manner. He wears a variety of animal masks when completing these tasks, each of which gives him special abilities. To finish the costume, apply fake blood liberally.

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  1. What size should I get my Block Varsity Letter B ? They start at 2 inches.

  2. How should I set up the B? Like, how big, what colors for what parts, etc. Also, if anyone knows any good alternatives to the rooster mask shown, that’d be great, as it’s currently sold out. Thanks.

  3. You can update this to include the official Hotline Miami Jacket at insert coin clothing

  4. Only wrong here is the jeans and shoes. Jacket wears a slim fit / skinny jeans, and his shoes are these 80s sneakers with those airholes in the front. Other than that yeah pretty accurate.

  5. You forgot about that neon blue shirt

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