John Hammond

John Hammond

John Hammond had good intentions when he decided to resurrect dinosaurs but as we all know things didn't go as planned. However, John did somehow manage to keep his clothes relatively white despite all of the chaos. If you're bold enough to pull off an all white wardrobe, perhaps you're also willing to test your craft skills and recreate John Hammond's famous amber mosquito cane. Don't worry, no one will expect you to clone a T-Rex.

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  1. Thanks for putting together this list; it’s a great jumping-off point. Obviously, it’s not realistic to spend upwards of $600 on all the parts necessary to pull this off. I’m hoping to do a John Hammond this year, if the stars align and I can get what I need in time. Here’s a comparable item list that I assembled:

    Shirt: Guayabera (four-pocket button shirt) – $17
    Pants (ideally a thin, cotton sweatpant, but I think pleats are the wrong direction) – $33
    Shoes – $25
    Wedding Band (comfort fit, plated tungsten) – $18
    Right-hand pinkie ring – $18
    Glasses (should be silver, but gunmetal is fine) – $20
    Watch – $22
    Assumed A-shirt (aka wife-beater) or comparable undershirt – Walmart

    Before shipping and not counting the cane, I got away with about $150 all said. The pinkie ring and the watchband should have white, ambery-type stones (as seen here:, but I couldn’t find anything similar, so I figured onyx and a crocodile strap wouldn’t be too far-fetched.

    Now, the hard part – the cane: There’s a guy, Gavin Robinson, who can sell you the amber egg, but I haven’t contacted him yet to see if he’ll do the full cane, as he has done in the past. The egg will run you about $75, and I saw somewhere that the whole cane would be closer to $270. He’s at and seems to be the ONLY place to get this thing pre-made.

    I might try to craft a cane myself, as it’s a resin-cast, painted, sealed cane, but it’s a first foray and I’ve little confidence, but I have to try.

    Again, thanks for getting me started, and wish me luck!

  2. Damion Royce April 10, 2017 Reply

    I didn’t spot the pinky ring! well done for the heads up there. The key prop has to be the cane. I have splashed out on a REALLY nice prop copy. The rest is quite easy and very cheap if you shop around. My first ‘Con’of the season is July 1st. I am debating whether to coerce someone to accompany me in an inflatable T-Rex costume…..

  3. Damion Royce July 2, 2017 Reply

    ‘Con’ went really well! Thoroughly enjoyed it! I had people asking for photographs and talking to me like I actually WAS John Hammond! I even had one young guy comparing me to a pic on his ‘phone and even asked me if I actually WAS him! (bit disconcerting. I didn’t think I look THAT dead!)

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