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…Luigi is Mario‘s green-clad twin brother. Though Luigi is taller and thinner, he possesses the same exact skills and powers as his more popular brother….

Koopa Troopa

…The lowly Koopa Troopa is a minion of Bowser in the Mario franchise. They’re most often seen with green or red shells, and are one of the most common enemies that a player might find in-game. They’re easily disposed of by simply jumping up and bopping them on the head….


…In the Mario & Luigi series, Fawful is one of the main antagonists. He’s a mechanical genius with anger issues and poor Engrish. Lord Fawful shows little concern for anyone outside of Cackletta, for whom he shows blind devotion. For this costume, you can cut a small hole in the top of the mask to let a wisp of your hair out, and paint on his massive chompers….

A.C. Slater

…In Saved by the Bell, A.C. Slater (Mario Lopez) is an army brat and the jock of the group. At Bayside, he’s just the dimple-cheeked and jheri-curled star of the basketball, football, wrestling, and track teams….

Princess Daisy

…Princess Daisy is the princess of the faraway lands of Sarasaland. Rumored to be Luigi’s love interest, she is one of the Mushroom Kingdom gang and participates with them regularly in sports and go-karting….

Ashley from WarioWare

Ashley (most recently voice by Erica Lindbeck) is a witch-in-training that largely appears in the Wario games. She makes a few appearances in other Nintendo franchises like Super Smash Bros. but for the most part she is a character in Wario minigames. Her interests are almost solely related to becoming a better witch while her demon friend, Red, takes care of most everything else. Cosplaying as Ashley is thankfully more straight-forward than her…

Costumes on Clearance: A Look at Leftover Costumes from Halloween 2020

…t We started off with a gem of a find with arguably the better half of the Mario Brothers. Not only does this costume come with everything you need to dress up as Luigi, but it features a surprisingly well-made go-kart you can wear on suspenders. Put everything together and you have an instantly recognizable costume that you can speed around in and give people death glares. See more Super Mario Bros. costumes… Minions from Despicable Me In the Des…

Cosplay at Katsucon 2023

…ows attendees to wear their finest. This couple looks sharp in these Super Mario designs! See all Super Mario costume guides… Zoro from One Piece has a knack for getting lost – these two cosplayers must’ve stumbled upon Katsucon! (@thecagednerd) See all One Piece costume guides… Pokemon was another popular fandom at Katsucon, such as these armored versions of Magikarp and Gyrados. (@thecardboard_blacksmith) See all Pokemon costume guides… We’re bl…

Luis Fernando Lopez from Grand Theft Auto 4

…In Grand Theft Auto IV, Luis Fernando Lopez (voiced by Mario D’Leon) is a former member of the Northwood Dominican Drug Dealers. In The Ballad of Gay Tony, his life takes a turn when he meets “Gay Tony” Prince, a nightclub owner in Liberty City. They develop a friendship and work together, first with Luis as his bodyguard and later as his business associate….

Wario from WarioWare

Wario is the main antagonist to Mario and the star of his own spin-off games called WarioWare. These games involve microgames that the player must complete in order to preserve their lives. Additionally these games often have a theme associated with the title and characters. Use a piece of red duct tape down the middle of the helmet. For added detail, you can paint a ‘W’ with light blue paint. If you want to go extra mile, you can paint the nose…