Paul Hunham from The Holdovers

Paul Hunham from The Holdovers

Paul Hunham is a character from the new film The Holdovers, and is played by Paul Giamatti. The film follows the instructor at a New England prep school as he is tasked to watch the students that are remaining on the campus during Christmas break. He develops an unlikely friendship with a student named Angus.

Paul, as well as the other characters, sticks to a pretty neutral color palette in his wardrobe. The textures and colors are very cozy and warm with lots of layers that gives us the feel of the cold season they’re in. Paul wears a typical professor costume when teaching that consists of a brown corduroy blazer, gray sweater vest, white button down, and red bow tie. Otherwise he dresses more casually with a warm wool gray coat, a gray plaid/ tweed fedora, with a brown button down under the coat.

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