Duncan Wedderburn from Poor Things

Duncan Wedderburn is one of the main characters from the film Poor Things, and is played by Mark Ruffalo. Poor Things is a truly unique film directed by Yorgos Lanthimos and follows Bella Baxter, a woman who is reanimated and goes again through stages of childhood to adulthood throughout the film. She goes on an adventure to see the world with lawyer Duncan Wedderburn.

To dress like Duncan, wear a three-piece gray suit with a white shirt, black bow tie, black leather gloves, a straw boater hat with black wig on, and a black cane with a gold handle.

Felicia from Maestro

Maestro is a film directed by Bradley Cooper who also stars as the protagonist, Leonard Bernstein. The film is a biopic of Leonard Bernstein’s life and rise to fame as a successful conductor. Carey Mulligan in the film plays Felicia Montealegre, an actress and wife of Bernstein. We get to see her life alongside him as they grow old and face different struggles.

Earlier in the film, when Felicia is younger at a party, we see her wear an elegant outfit that features a light blue dress paired with 3 strands of pearls. Later she wears a recognizable look of a tweed blazer and skirt with a pink bow blouse.

Elspeth Catton from Saltburn

Saltburn is a new film by Emerald Fennel that follows Oliver Quick as he stays in his rich classmate Felix’s estate, and a series of horrifying events occur. Elspeth Catton is Felix’s mother and is played by Rosamund Pike. She’s Saltburn’s Matriarch and although is careless, becomes a somewhat likable character.

To dress like Elspeth, wear light and flowy pieces that have a bohemian style, like a blue and white printed robe/ cover-up, a navy floral long-sleeve dress, or a red velvet embroidered vest paired with a white button down shirt and blue jeans.

Lucky Flickerman from The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

Lucky Flickerman is a character from the new Hunger Games film: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes and is played by Jason Schwartzman. The Hunger Games series of films are based off of the original books by Suzanne Collins. This film takes place 64 years before the original Hunger Games we know. In this new film, we get to see Coriolanus Snow at 18 years old who is assigned to mentor Lucy of District 12 as the 10th annual Hunger Games approaches. Lucky Flickerman is the charismatic announcer and very first host of the games.

Lucky Flickerman dresses for the occasion wearing a red velvet blazer with black details, white shirt, velvet black bow tie, black pleated pants and shiny black dress shoes. To add even more to the costume, add a fun prop mic and stick-on curled mustache.

Lorraine from X

Lorraine is a character from the Ti West Horror Film X, and is played by Jenna Ortega. X follows a group of actors that go to a house in rural Texas to make an adult film, when their elderly hosts turn on them. Lorraine in this film is the boom mic operator for the film.

Lorraine wears a casual 70s look with a brown toned shirt, maroon flare jeans, and a brown braided belt. She carries a boom mic and pole and wears black headphones.

Venetia from Saltburn

Saltburn is a new film by Emerald Fennel that follows Oliver Quick as he stays in his rich classmate Felix’s estate, and a series of horrifying events occur. Venetia Catton is Felix’s sister and has a fling with Oliver at, and is played by Alison Oliver. She’s a character with lots of personality and at first seems shallow until we get to know her character more.

To create Venetia’s iconic pink look for yourself, wear a glittery purple dress or jumpsuit, pink cat-eye sunglasses, and layer over it a pink fun and party-ready tinsel jacket.

Karen from Mean Girls (2024)

Karen is a character from the new 2024 musical movie Mean Girls, and is played by Avantika Vandanapu. This new film is based on the Mean Girls musical, a live broadway show that follows the story of the 2004 film Mean Girls, that we all know starring Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams. Karen is a part of ‘the plastics’ which are the group of popular girls in school. She is known as the hilariously ditsy character.

Karen’s costume, like the others in this new take on the story follow current trends. One look you could recreate is this bright and trendy look that features a color-block chunky sweater and a blue crop top that ties in the front. Another is a pink look that features a pink button-front skirt, a pink tie-front sweater over a white lettuce hem top and red sunglasses.

Nathan from A Good Person

Nathan is a character in the film A Good Person by Zach Braff, and is played by Chinaza Uche. A Good Person is a charming but emotional film that tackles topics like addiction and grief.

Nathan has a very sleek but simple style that sticks with mostly a color palette of blues. He wears a light blue denim shirt, or a light blue dress shirt, a navy puffer jacket with a contrasting fabric sleeve, brown dress shoes, and a black peacoat.

Joe Yoo from May December

Joe Yoo is a character from the new film May December, directed by Todd Hayes, and is played by Charles Melton. May December is about an actress named Elizabeth that visits Gracie’s home to study her as she prepares to play her in a film role. The film takes place in Savannah, Georgia twenty years after a tabloid romance between Gracie and a much younger Joe Yoo.

Joe Yoo has a very simple style and a realistic one. He wears lots of blues, like a light blue button down shirt with a white tee, a deeper blue plaid shirt, light wash relaxed fit jeans, and in another scene a striped polo shirt. His style being very light, blue, and often linen fits the environment of their house by the beach well.

Julie from The Worst Person in the World

Julie is the main character in the film The Worst Person in the World, and is played by Renate Reinsve. The film follows Julie for four years as she navigates life and love. She has a very simple, realistic but flattering wardrobe that can be easily recreated.

One look is a white jumpsuit that is short sleeved, and wraps in the front. Another is a simple and timeless black satin dress that has a straight neck that drapes at the front and spaghetti straps. And finally, the one we see on the cover in the impressive running scene is a navy blue button down shirt, khaki shorts, and white sneakers with red and blue detail.

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