Claire Randall Fraser from Outlander Season 2

Claire Randall (played by Caitriona Balfe) is the main protagonist of the Starz series Outlander.  Claire travels through time to 1700s Scotland where she meets Jamie Fraser, whom she eventually marries.  In Season 2 of the acclaimed series, Claire finds herself in the French Court, where she dons a beautiful red dress and matching earrings and shoes.  To truly embody the fashion of the time, the undergarments are nearly as important as the dress itself, so you’ll need to be comfortable in a hoop skirt and crinoline to make sure your gown has enough volume in the silhouette.  It will be nearly impossible to find Claire’s intricate period shoes, so look for heels with a low profile and straps to evoke a similar feel.

Marianne from Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Marianne (played by Noémie Merlant) had one job. She had to observe Héloïse during the day and the paint the reluctant bride’s wedding portrait at night. It is a fairly straight forward if unusual approach to a painting. Until the two fall in love, knowing that Héloïse is destined for a wedding she does not want and cannot escape. It’s heartbreaking in the way only art can be.

You may not paint like Marianne but you can mimic the gorgeous style of the 1770s. Historically accurate costumes are expensive so the options listed above are meant to get close but won’t be perfectly accurate to the movie. Or history.

One option is a custom gown such as the one on the top left. The Etsy listing has a few fabrics to choose from and though none of the fabrics are identical to the movie you might be able to get close. You can also opt for a more affordable gown from Amazon such as the one just below the custom gown and to the right

Another option is to pair a skirt with a long chemise and a corset similar to the stays women at that time wore. The skirt isn’t the same dark red as Marianne’s gown in the movie but you might get close by experimenting with combinations of bright red and dark blue dye. The dye has to be DyeMore when working with Rit since the skirt listed above is mostly made of a synthetic material. If you already have a cotton skirt in mind you can just grab a bottle wine-colored Rit dye instead.

All three options can be finished off with a brown wig styled into a bun, boots, and a long brown coat. And of course no artist would be complete without her brush holder.

Abigail Masham from The Favorite

Abigail Masham from The Favourite

In The Favourite, Abigail Masham (played by Emma Stone) is the picture of demure innocence. Until someone gets in her way. Her own cousin isn’t safe from Abigail’s quest for security and power. Though in a world as tumultuous as the English royal court, who can blame her?

Period costumes are always a little difficult unless you sew your own. But there are some options that get you close. A simple black dress mimics Anne’s generally unassuming daily style, especially once you add a lace collar. A pannier keeps your skirt full while thigh high socks – held in place with double sided fashion tape – and heels complete the outfit.

Round out the look by styling the wig using this tutorial. It is technically for Elizabeth Swan but is a great low profile style for costume from around the same period.

Ichabod Crane

Ichabod Crane has been resurrected to fight not only the Headless Horseman, but also the messengers of the end of the world. Teaming up with a modern day police lieutenant, Ichabod has adapted surprisingly well to the 21st Century. By serving as police consultant, he hopes to save Sleepy Hollow, the world, and his beloved departed wife from the apocalypse.

Katrina Crane

Katrina Crane is Ichabod Crane’s long dead wife, who comes to him in visions, revealing secrets about the Headless Horseman in the Sleepy Hallow series. She’s actually a witch who’s duty was to prevent the apocalypse but was eventually burned at the stake.

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