Spider-Punk from Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

Spider-Punk is a character voiced by Daniel Kaluuya from the movie Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. In this new animated film, we follow Brooklyn’s friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man as he travels across the Multiverse. One of the characters we meet is Spider-Punk, an alternate version of Hobie Brown and Spider-Man.

To re-create this alternative look, start with the classic Spider-Man costume. Next, layer the base costume pieces like the purple plaid pants, black leather vest, red boots with blue laces, and optionally a blue tee. There are many detail pieces you can add on top of this like different themed buttons/ pins including the British flag, metal spike studs to the vest, a studded belt, choker, and wristbands. Finally, add a taller variety of metal spike studs to the top of the head on the  Spider-Man costume.

Snufkin from Moominvalley

Snurfkin likes to wander around, and plays harmonica. He is a minimalist, preferring to value memories more than objects of memories. His easy going and warm personality is admired by the smaller, shy inhabitants of Moominvalley. Snurfkin enjoys the adventures of his life as a vagabond in Moominvalley.

Too-Ticky from Moominvalley

Too-Ticky from Moominvalley

Too-Ticky doesn’t have a very large role in the new Moominvalley show. When she does appear though she is the wise and patient voice of reason (voiced by Katie Leung).

Her outfit is very simple. Her short blonde hair is topped with a blue beret with a red pompom. A red and white striped shirt, blue pants, and black shoes finish the outfit. She also sometimes carries a brown shoulder satchel.

Skeet from The Hollow

Skeet joined the virtual reality competition to be teamed up with Vanessa and Reeve. Overall, Skeet is chilled and laid back, letting his teammates take charge. He has his moments were he’ll express his opinion, but he usually goes with the flow. Skeet’s special ability is speed, and he uses his talent to his advantage against Kai’s team in The Hollow.

Kipo from Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts

Kipo Oak (voiced by Karen Fukuhara) is a lively, confident girl. She believes humans and mutes can co-exist, and is friendly to those around her. Kipo has a knack for sciences, especially astronomy, thanks to her father. She was separated from him during an unfortunate attack. As Kipo is on her journey, she is learning more about who she is meant to be in Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts.

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