Rusty Martin from Viva Las Vegas

Rusty Martin is a character from the 1964 film Viva Las Vegas and is played by Ann-Margret. Viva Las Vegas is a musical film following Lucky Jackson as he prepares for the first Las Vegas Grand Prix and needs an engine, but he loses his money after meeting Rusty and has to earn it back to make the race on time. This colorful film reflects the charm of both Vegas and Hollywood tropes in both the sets and costumes.

Rusty’s costumes are very bright and summery with with lots of red and yellow pieces. In her iconic dance class scene, she wears tights and a red shirt, which you can re-create by wearing a red mock neck top with sheer black tights and black spandex shorts over them. She has two different swimsuits, one being the bright all-yellow outfit with a yellow one piece, yellow cover-up and white pointed kitten heels. Another is a red one piece with buttons down the top. And finally when she goes out dancing with Lucky, she matches his yellow blazer by wearing a yellow sleeveless scoop neck dress.

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