Ayumu Murase

Akira Iwakiyamayukisatoshironanogojuurokushi from Kemono Jihen

Akira (voiced in Japanese by Ayumu Murase and in English by Cassie Ewulu) is one of the main characters in the anime/manga Kemono Jihen.

He is part of Inugami’s Detective Agency and the younger brother of Yui. Like his twin, he also has the ability to manipulate and create snow. Akira tends to not enjoy fighting, and prefers to spend most of the day taking pictures or taking large amounts of showers.

He has blue-white long fluffy hair and light blue eyes. The button up shirt he wears is the same color as them, and he wears white pants with suspenders over top. The look is topped off with white mary janes, black crew socks, and a gold bolo tie.

Ryo Asuka from Devilman Crybaby

Ryo Asuka (voiced in Japanese by Ayumu Murase and in English by Kyle McCarley) is one of the main characters, as well as the primary antagonist later on in the series, of the Netflix adaption of Devilman Crybaby, along with Akira Fudo.

Ryo has been Akira’s best friend since they were children, but has always been different, in ways that are revealed later on in the show. He seems to care deeply for Akira, but is also highly manipulative to get results he wants to see, as well as causing catastrophic events for humanity as a whole.

In a slight departure from how he looks in other Devilman iterations, Ryo has much shorter hair than his other counterparts, while still being blonde with blue eyes. The main outfit we see him in during this series is a white, short sleeved button up shirt with a bulky, puffy looking long white coat over top, with matching white pants and shoes.

Iruma from Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun

Iruma from Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun

Iruma Suzuki (Laura Stahl / Ayumu Murase) walks a fine line between being an adorable sweetheart and the consummate doormat. He’ll do anything to help a person in want or need, if they do so much as say “please.” So when the demon Lord Sullivan asks him to become his adopted grandson (and Iruma’s extremely irresponsible parents don’t object), naturally, young Iruma couldn’t refuse! Plot twist: Sullivan is also the principal of the underworld’s local demon school, where human-eating demons with no concept of friendship will have their first “taste” of human companionship … if they can figure Iruma out!

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