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Paul Matthews from Dream Scenario

In the new comedy/horror film Dream Scenario directed by Kristoffer Borgli, Nicolas Cage plays a character named Paul Matthews. Paul’s life is suddenly changed when he begins to appear in millions of strangers dreams. He has to cope and navigate life with his newfound fame and recognition.

Paul Matthews is an average family man. He wears layers like his green puffer jacket with a fur hood, a brown half-zip sweater, and a blue shirt. He pairs this with his glasses, blue denim jeans, and brown boots, creating a layered and recognizable silhouette.

Felix Catton from Saltburn

Saltburn is a new film by Emerald Fennel that follows Oliver Quick as he stays in his rich classmate Felix’s estate, and a series of horrifying events occur. Felix is played by Jacob Elordi in the film.

Saltburn features an array of eccentric costumes fit for parties. One iconic costume that Felix wears is a pair of gold wings with a casual outfit that features a white tank top, relaxed-fit blue jeans and a blue nylon belt. Another look of his is a yellow linen lightweight shirt along with blue jeans.

Oliver Quick from Saltburn

Saltburn is a new film by Emerald Fennel that follows Oliver Quick (played by Barry Keoghan) as he stays in his rich classmate Felix’s estate, and a series of horrifying events occur.

Saltburn features an array of eccentric costumes fit for parties. One iconic costume that Oliver wears is this white suit with deer antlers to a Midsummer Night’s Dream themed party. To create this costume wear a printed white blazer or hand paint your own pattern on a solid white blazer with fabric paint. Pair this with white dress pants, a brown belt, green shoes, and of course a headband with deer antlers.

bella baxter from poor things

Bella Baxter from Poor Things

Bella Baxter (played by Emma Stone) is the main character of Yorgos Lanthimos’ film Poor Things.  Reanimated by Dr. Godwin Baxter, Bella is eager to learn all there is to know and embarks on an adventure to do just that with a lawyer named Duncan Wedderburn.  Bella has long black hair and is often awkward or unorthodox in her movements and speech.  She wears many fantastical costumes throughout the film, including a long dusty pink skirt with a ruffle blouse and white shoes, a black puff sleeve jacket with grey socks and black boots, and yellow shorts with the same ruffled blouse and a puff sleeve cropped jacket.  If you can’t find an exact match for some of her more outrageous costume pieces, don’t be afraid to find something similar.  Complete your look with a long black wig and black eyebrow pencil.

Jamie Hughes from Totally Killer

Jamie Hughes from Totally Killer

In Totally Killer, Jamie Hughes (Kiernan Shipka) is a rebellious teenage girl whose mother was murdered by a serial killer 35 years ago. As she’s chased by the same killer, she ends up hiding in her best friend’s science fair project, which happens to be a working time machine. She’s transported back to the year 1987. This is when Jamie realizes she has the opportunity to team up with the 16-year-old version of her mother to unmask the killer and change the course of history.

sarah from assassination nation

Sarah from Assassination Nation

Sarah Lacey (played by Suki Waterhouse) is a main character in the dark comedy satire film Assassination Nation.  Alongside her sister Em and friends Lily and Bex, Sarah must survive the town of Salem after chaos and violence erupt in the wake of a hacker leaking private data.  Sarah has soft pink hues added to her blonde hair, which can be achieved with hair chalk or a wig.  When recreating her most iconic look from the film, you can substitute a plain red trench coat if you’re not willing to shell out for the shiny leather replica jacket.

lily from assassination nation

Lily from Assassination Nation

Lily Colson (played by Odessa Young) is a main character in the satire film Assassination Nation.  Lily and her three best friends, Bex, Em, and Sarah are all high school seniors.  When a hacker begins leaking private information about Lily and others in her hometown of Salem, the residents descend into violence.  Lily is a pretty teenager with a rebellious side.  She is often seen wearing her pink Vans Sk8-Hi shoes.  However, it can be almost impossible to find an exact match, so go for a pair of high-tops in a similar shade of pink.  Likewise, the red jackets the girls wear after the hack takes place can be expensive to track down, but a plain red trench coat can get the point across just as well.

bex from assassination nation

Bex from Assassination Nation

Bex Warren (played by Hari Nef) is one of the main characters in the satire film Assassination Nation.  Bex is best friends with Lily, Em, and Sarah.  As a transgender teen, Bex faces discrimination from some of her fellow students, which turns deadly after a hacker leaks important secrets about the residents of her hometown Salem.  One of Bex’s best looks from the film is the one she wears after the town descends into violence, which includes a red leather jacket that matches her friends’.  She also dons cropped black jeans and a multicolor striped crop top.  Finding an exact match for the top might not be possible, so don’t be afraid to focus on either similar colors or vertical stripes if you can’t get both in the same piece.  Similarly, a plain red trench coat can be substituted for an exact match, which might be kinder to your costume budget.

em from assassination nation

Em From Assassination Nation

Em Lacey (played by Abra) is one of the main characters in the satirical film Assassination Nation.  Em is sisters with Sarah and best friends with Lily and Bex.  Alongside her friends, Em eventually takes up arms against other residents of her hometown when someone begins exposing secrets after hacking personal social media and cellphones.  Em and her friends wear matching red trench coats.  Underneath, Em dons a checkered skirt and animal print croptop.  In addition to a pistol, Em also uses dual ninja swords as weapons in the film.

Enid Coleslaw

In Ghost World, Enid Coleslaw (Thora Birch) is a cynical teenager with a creative side that shows in her attire. Pairing clashing patterns and vintage eyeglasses, Enid’s style requires you to have an “I don’t care” attitude because you’re probably going to raise some eyebrows. In fact, you may want to work on your witty comebacks.

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