Brad Meltzer

Brad Meltzer from Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum

Brad Meltzer (voiced by Wyatt White) is friends with Yadina and Xavier on the PBS Kids show Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum.  Brad is often nervous about participating in adventures because time travel makes him dizzy.  His interests include action heroes, comic books, and butterflies.  He is named after author Brad Metzler, who wrote the books upon which the series is based with illustrator Chris Eliopoulos.

Yadina Riddle from Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum

Yadina Riddle (voiced by Zoe Hatz) is the kind of girl other little girls look up to. It’s hard not to when she grows up to be the president of the United States! Determined and curious she is the perfect companion for her brother’s adventures. And the perfect heroine in her own!

Cosplaying as Yadina is fairly easy. A black wig in short ponytails, a blue t-shirt, pink coveralls with a star painted on the chest, black converse, and a stuffed turtle toy are all you need. That and a can-do attitude!

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