Cassandra Lee Morris

Umbrella Renoir from Skullgirls

Umbrella Renoir (voiced by Ayaka Shimizu and Cassandra Lee Morris) is a character from the Skullgirls video game franchise.  Umbrella is the younger sister of Parasoul.  Umbrella is rather short with light pink hair.  She wears a yellow ensemble that includes a raincoat, rain hat, and rain boots.  She wields the Living Weapon Hungren; a purple umbrella with monster eyes. To recreate Hungren, take a purple golf umbrella and glue creepy monster eyes onto it with a glue gun.

Calaveras from Sailor Moon

Calaveras is a frightening foe. She is the Black Moon Clan’s answer to Sailor Venus with the strength and drive to prove it  Her fearsome whip is no easy weapon to face down and if she were to ever cooperate with her sisters, it would be a dark day for the Sailor Scouts.

The first step to developing a Calaveras cosplay is to get a long brunette wig and style the hair into a bun, then attach a large gold bow on top. You’ll then want black crystal earrings and face paint markers for the black crescent moon. Gold cuffs, a gold bustier, gold boots, and a red pleated skirt round out her look. And of course you’ll want your trusty whip. Just be sure and check convention regulations before taking it inside an event.

Takita from Drifting Dragons Costume

Takita from Drifting Dragons

Takita is a young rookie aboard the Draking ship, Quin Zaza, and despite her inexperience, she is not the only quirky one with a mysterious past in the crew. Her time on the ship teaches her life skills and helps her to pay off her debts. The interesting thing about the Quin Zaza crew’s uniforms is that they’re styled not unlike real-world chef uniforms, which seems appropriate for a cooking anime/manga.

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