Charlie’s Angels

Jane Kano from Charlie’s Angels (2019)

Jane Kano (played by Ella Balinska) was the youngest recruit to ever join MI-6.  Jane now serves as a member of Charlie’s Angels in the 2019 reboot and continuation of the franchise.  Jane works closely with fellow Angels Sabina and newly-recruited Elena to stop the implementation of Elena’s program Calisto.  Jane’s clothing is often utilitarian and even militaristic.  However, as is the case for every Angel, she often dons disguises and costumes in order to complete her mission, offering a lot of different options when emulating the character’s style.

Elena Houghlin from Charlie’s Angels (2019)

In the latest entry into the Charlie’s Angels franchise, Elena Houghlin (played by Naomi Scott) is a programmer and engineer who joins forces with the Angels to stop the energy conservation device Calisto from being implemented.  Elena is smart and an MIT graduate.  Throughout the course of the film, Elena discovers an entirely new set of skills as she bonds with fellow Angels Sabina and Jane.  Elena wears a plethora of colorful and diverse outfits in the movie, leaving plenty of room for you to find an outfit that speaks to your own personal sense of style.

sabina wilson from charlies angels

Sabina Wilson from Charlie’s Angels (2019)

Sabina Wilson (played by Kristen Stewart) is a rebellious Angel in Elizabeth Banks’ 2019 reboot of the Charlie’s Angels franchise.  An heiress and former criminal, Sabina is fiercely loyal to her fellow Angels, including Jane and Elena, and credits the program for saving her from a life behind bars.  Sabina’s style changes wildly throughout the film depending on the needs of her job, providing a wide range of costume options for everyone’s tastes.  Many of the pieces Stewart wears as Sabina are high-end and difficult to find, so a little creativity and flexibility may be required to recreate her looks on a budget.

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