demon slayer

Tanjiro Kamado from Demon Slayer

Tanjiro Kamado is the main protagonist of the hit anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. In the first episode, he returns home to find his entire family massacred by a demon. Only his sister, Nezuko, survives and therefore turns into a demon. Vowing to turn her human again, Tanjiro joins the Demon Slayer Corps. He is an incredibly skilled swordsman, able to use multiple Water Breathing techniques. His keen sense of smell helps him identify demons around him. Tanjiro is both optimistic and a quick thinker, which stems from his tireless yet admirable perseverance. Use the maroon body paint to create the marking on his forehead.

Nezuko Kamado from Demon Slayer

Nezuko Kamado is a main character in the hit anime Demon Slayer: Kimestu No Yaiba. She is the younger sister of Tanjiro, and the sole survivor of the demon attack that killed the Kamado family. However, she was turned into a demon. Nezuko travels in a wooden box because demons can’t go out in sunlight. She can shrink herself to fit into the box, as well as grow larger in attack. Nezuko sees all humans as family and vows never to hurt them. She even refuses blood, which is why she wears her bamboo gag, and instead gains her strength through long periods of rest. She loves Tanjiro dearly, as he is the only one who can calm her down.

Zenitsu Agatsuma Demon Slayer

Zenitsu Agatsuma from Demon Slayer

Zenitsu Agatsuma is a character in the hit anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He passes Final Selection and becomes a member of the Demon Slayer Corps. But unlike Tanjiro, he is cowardly and easily admits defeat. He has a huge crush on Nezuko, and becomes enraged at Tanjiro for hiding her. Needless to say, Zenitsu has a tendency to overreact. Although he proves himself a worthy slayer when he uses the Thunder Breathing technique to defeat the older brother spider demon.

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