Domitilla D’Amico

Tecna from Winx Club

Tecna (voiced by Domitilla D’Amico in the Italian versions and Morgan Decker in the English versions) is one of the six core members of the Winx club and the fourth introduced in the series. She is also the Fairy of Technology and the Guardian Fairy of her home planet Zenith. Her boyfriend Timmy is know as the brains of The Specialists and works along side the significant others of several other Winx Club members, all of whom attended the Red Fountain School.

In both her forms Tecna favors the color purple with the exception being her hot pink hair and her silver accents. As a human she wears a purple crop top, purple mini skirt, and purple leggings. Her silver boots can be worn for both costumes. In fairy form though she wears a purple bodysuit and silver gloves as well as a silver cap that a headband can stand in for. Green wire is perfect for her simple wings after just a little bit of bending!

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