Ebon-Moss Bachrach

Richie from The Bear

Richie is from the series The Bear and is played by Ebon Moss-Bachrach. The Bear is about a chef named Carmen who has quit fine dining and returns to Chicago to try and fix the run down sandwich shop, previously owned by his brother who passed. We follow his struggles in gaining respect from the previous kitchen staff while dealing with grief and the stressful environment all at once. Richie, also referred to as ‘Cousin’, goes through major change and growth throughout the seasons. He started off being very short-tempered and now in the latest episode he has grown to be mature and collected.

One of the moments that shows us Richie’s growth is actually through his costume. After he gets experience at a high-end restaurant, he makes the decision to always wear suits. Through this we see a new level of respect from him, as he really makes an effort to work on himself and is really someone we all begin to root for. Before this, he dressed very casually with tees and shirts with their logo, along with his signature leather bomber jacket.

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