electronic arts

Cody from It Takes Two

Cody (voiced by Joseph Balderrama) is one of the protagonists of the adventure game It Takes Two.  Cody and his wife May are in the midst of a separation when their minds are transferred into two dolls made by their daughter Rose.  They must put their issues aside to find their way back to their bodies.  Cody’s doll appearance includes green hair, an orange sweater, and patchwork pants.  Top off your wig with a green antenna headband and create your button pin from a paper plate.  You can also cut plates into the shapes of the leaves that appear throughout Cody’s costuming.  Don’t be afraid to take your crafting scissors to your sweater as well in order to achieve the perfectly imperfect look from the game.  Top it all off with some rope wound around your midsection and right forearm, as well as a pair of tan shoes.

May from It Takes Two

May (voiced by Annabelle Dowler) is one of the protagonists of the adventure video game It Takes Two.  The mother of Rose and wife of Cody, May finds her mind transported into a doll her daughter has made in the midst of her separation from her husband.  Cody is transported as well and they must work together to find their way home.  May’s doll likeness includes blue hair made of yarn, a yellow sweater with a blue button and rope details, patchwork pants, and a pair of black shoes.  She also wears black round-framed glasses.  To recreate her costume, take a pair of scissors to a turtleneck sweater.  You can style a blue wig into a bun and then wrap yarn around it to get closer to May’s appearance in the game.  You can also fashion a blue button from a paper plate, and add stitching details with the remaining yarn if you feel up for a little sewing.

Faith Connors

Faith is the main character in the game Mirror’s Edge. The game is set in a futuristic dystopian society, in which a network of ‘Runners’, including Faith, are used as couriers to transmit messages while evading government surveillance. When she was young, her parents were killed while protesting government plans, forcing Faith to grow up on the street. She eventually meets Mercury, a Runner who recognizes Faith’s potential and becomes her mentor. He teaches Faith how to survive in the city, a world where obedience is brutally enforced and any deviance is relegated to the edge of society.

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